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We’ll Be on Fox8 This Weekend!

Posted by on Jan 30 2015

Hi Pen Fans!

Back in the summer we had a film crew from Fox8 in Cleveland visit our facility to do a feature on the Edison Pen Company.  The footage is going to be airing this weekend on a show called “Neighborhood”.  This show features artisans and craftspeople in the Northern Ohio area.

“Neighborhood” will air on the Fox8 affiliate out of Cleveland on the following dates and times…

Sunday 2/1    2:30pm
Sunday 3/8    2:00pm
Saturday 3/14    3:00pm
Sunday 4/5    2:30pm

So if your cable lineup gets Fox8 out of Cleveland, set your Tivo’s!

If you don’t get this station, fear not, there will be an online version and I’ll host it here as soon as I can.

I’ll share some photos below from the shoot.

Have a great weekend!

Brian at Edison

Revamping our Ebonite Palette…

Posted by on Jan 24 2015

Hi Pen Fans!

Over the years, we have had a lot of ebonite offerings from a lot of different manufacturers.

As a result, when one looked through our Materials Samples Gallery, our ebonite selection was sometimes daunting and confusing.

We have decided to simplify ebonite choices by condensing our selection to the best ebonites that we’ve used from the best manufacturers.  All of these ebonites have very consistent patterns and they also take an excellent shine.  This is an “All-Star” lineup of sorts.  We’ve also made sure to have a good selection that represents all colors that our clients might like.

In the end, we think that this will make selection for our clients easier, and it will also be easier for us to inventory.  Previously when we had a wide selection, sometimes we would have to wait months for a certain color or pattern to arrive.  By keeping this narrowed down, we can be sure to always have our inventory plentiful.

So without further ado, here are the ebonites that we will be offering from here on out….


















All of these materials are now in the Materials Samples Gallery.

If anyone has questions, just reach out!

Brian at Edison

Wanna Work for the Edison Pen Company? We’re Hiring!

Posted by on Jan 08 2015

Interested in working for the Edison Pen Company?  We’re looking for another full or part-time employee!  (preferred full time)

I was putting some thought into the best way to find our next employee.  What we do is very specific and niche.  There aren’t a lot of people with “Fountain Pen Manufacturer” on their resume, so I’m not sure that Craigslist is the best option!  I recently considered that our best resource for finding good employees might be our fan base!  So I thought that I’d post this on our blog as well as the various pen forums to see what kind of responses we might get.

We just recently hired a great addition to our team, but our current backlog is still being stretched farther than what we like and we are seeing greater demand from our retailers.  This makes room for another motivated employee.

Our location is North Central Ohio, not far from Sandusky.

While having specific skills would certainly give a candidate a leg-up, we will consider anyone with a passion for what we do.  Most of the skills that are needed for pen manufacture are very specific and need to be carefully taught regardless of someone’s background.  So being highly motivated, having a positive attitude, being willing to learn, and having a passion for pens are certainly the most important items that we could ask for.

That being said, skills that we would like to see in a candidate will be….

*  CNC lathe and mill operating/programming skills
*  CAD/CAM skills as related to lathes and mills
*  Manual lathe and mill operation
*  Overall fountain pen repair and maintenance skills.  Nib tuning, overall understanding of quality control as related to fountain pens.
*  General computer literacy, Mac and Windows (Word/Pages, Excel/Numbers, etc.)
*  Overall flexibility.  The job description for this position will change and evolve over the short and long term.  Everyone in our shop is a “Jack of all Trades”, and we’d expect to hire the same.

You can get a rough idea as to what we do by watching these videos…

Salary will be negotiable and proportionate to what the candidate can offer as related to the above skills.

Email brian@edisonpen.com if you are interested.


Brian at Edison

Back To Work!

Posted by on Jan 05 2015

Hi Pen Fans!

After a nice break over the Holidays, we are back to work!

If you are expecting an email from me, I’ll return it today or tomorrow.

The new filling system is coming along nicely!  Expect to see something late January at the earliest, late February at the latest, as long as everything remains smooth with it’s progression.

Have a great 2015!

Brian at Edison


Happy Holidays From Edison!

Posted by on Dec 19 2014

Hi Pen Fans!

I just wanted to take a minute to wish our fans Happy Holidays, and also thank you for your support!

I’m going to try to get as much wrapped up today as possible so that I’ll have free time next week to spend with family.

I will be checking email during the Holidays, but I might not be as fast as normal.

My time in the shop might be sporadic, so getting me on the phone might be tough.  Email will be better during this time.

With my time over the Holidays I will be working on this new filling system.  I hope to have this pen ready to go in late January or early February, so stay tuned!

Everyone enjoy your Holidays!

Brian at Edison


Can’t Make Philly Show This Year….

Posted by on Dec 12 2014

Hi Pen Fans.

Sorry to say, but we won’t be able to make the Philly Pen Show this year! We have a family obligation that we really can’t miss.

Philly is one of our favorite pen shows, and I realize that a lot of our fans look forward to visiting with us.  I wanted to make our fans aware as soon we knew for sure.

Our apologies for this! Our next pen show will be LA in February.


Brian at Edison

Hudson Being Discontinued….

Posted by on Dec 01 2014

Hi Pen Fans.

It’s with heavy heart that I announce the discontinuation of the Hudson from our Production Line as well as future custom Hudson possibilities.  :(

This has nothing to do with popularity.  As a matter of fact, the Hudson is one of our best selling and most popular of the larger models that we offer, which makes this even more difficult!

The reason for the discontinuation is that the supplier who sells us the exact clip that was used on the Hudson can no longer supply it to us….these clips aren’t being made anymore.  And of course, a clip is very distinguishing to a pen model.

So regarding our Production Line Hudson….if you want to grab them up, our retailers still have some left, and we have a few left to ship them to fulfill orders.  Go here to see retailers that will be selling off the last of the Production Line Hudsons, but I don’t anticipate them lasting long.

Regarding Custom Hudsons…I have hoarded about 5 of the last clips.  I will reserve these last 5 clips for custom ordered Hudsons.  You can email me to discuss a custom order.

Bottom line, if you like the Hudson and want to get one prior to the discontinuation, the time is now!  The Hudson will not be returning!

In the meantime, fear not…we plan on having a new pen model appear in the Production Line to replace it early in 2015.


Brian at Edison



Happy Thanksgiving From Edison!

Posted by on Nov 27 2014

Hi Pen Fans!

It’s that time of year for us to give thanks!  Here at Edison we have a lot to be thankful for!  Our business has been growing and growing since the beginning.  We recently added some new retailers and will announce them soon.  We have a new filling system that I’m hoping to unveil early 2015 (stay tuned!).  In the last four years we’ve been recognized with four consecutive wins in the Goldspot Polls, and have been recognized by Pen World Magazine in their Readers’ Choice Awards twice (nomination and win), along with plenty of good press in general.

We added another employee just recently, so now there’s four of us creating your pens.  Even with this fourth addition, we are still super busy, so we really need to bring on a fifth employee real soon!

When I sit down with family today for my favorite meal of the year, a big portion of my thanks definitely goes to our fans, who we wouldn’t exist without.

Thanks for supporting our business!

My wife and I just celebrated our 11th anniversary last weekend.  Our 9 year old is doing great in school and is growing up too fast!  Everyone is healthy and happy!

So again, thanks for supporting our business, and everyone have a great Thanksgiving!  Please take a moment this week to recall all of the blessings in your life!

Below is a nice family photo from our Grand Canyon vacation this summer.


Brian at Edison

A Nice Article from WCPO IN Cincinnati!

Posted by on Nov 18 2014

Hi Pen Fans!

A really nice article was recently published regarding fountain pens on the WCPO in Cincinnati website.

This article does a good job or outlining three Ohio-based businesses…  Appointments in Cincinnati, the Bexley Pen Company in Columbus, and (your’s truly) the Edison Pen Company in Milan.  Pretty neat that there’s so much happening with fountain pens in Ohio!

Click Here To Read This Article


Brian at Edison

Edison Glenmont is Goldspot’s 2014 Pen Of the Year!

Posted by on Nov 18 2014

Hi Pen Fans!

I’m super-proud to announce that the 2014 Limited Edition Glenmont was named Goldspot Luxury Gifts Pen of the Year for 2014!

For those counting, that’s four years in a row that Edison has won this award!  Counting the Pen World Magazine nomination and win, here’s how the last four years have looked for Edison…


Pen World Readers’ Choice
Goldspot Pen of the Year
Goldspot Pen of the Year
Goldspot Pen of the Year
Pen World Readers’ Choice
Goldspot Pen of the Year

Needless to say, we are awfully proud to be earning up this kind of recognition!  Big thanks for our fans in general, and especially to those that voted!  We appreciate you greatly!

Brian at Edison