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LE Glenmont Update #3

Posted by on Oct 20 2014

Hi Pen Fans!

The 2014 LE Glenmonts are moving along nicely.  See recent pics below, or the entire gallery of progress is here.

Just about all of the Pearlized Wine Pens are off the lathe, sanded and polished.

All of the Cumberland Pens are off the lathe, but not sanded and polished yet. That’s what we are working on now.

Then clip attachment, final assembly, final touchups, and nib work.

Right now, I’ll give a very rough estimated shipping date of after the Ohio Pen Show.  So probably before Thanksgiving.  But please don’t hold me to that, as unexpected things can happen.  In any case, I’ll keep the updates timely!


Brian at Edison

Rough (and a little dusty) Cumberland caps. Waiting to be sanded.


Sanded and Polished Cumberland Barrels and Sections


Sanded Cumberland barrels, waiting to be polished


Polished Wine Pens

A Great Michigan Pen Show!

Posted by on Oct 19 2014

Hi Pen Fans!

As usual, our friends up in Michigan put on another excellent Michigan Pen Show!

While it’s not the largest show out there, it’s tons of fun, a bit more relaxed, and all the vendors are excellent.  At a show like this, myself and other vendors can usually take more time with each customer, which makes for a great experience all around.  And of course, you’ll still find all things vintage and modern, as you can see within my photos.

I’ll attach a slideshow of my photos from the show below!

Big thanks to our friends up north!

(if you can’t see the slideshow below, click here)


Brian at Edison

Michigan Pen Show This Weekend!

Posted by on Oct 16 2014

Hi Pen Fans!

We’ll be packing up today for the Michigan Pen Show!

If you haven’t attended, it’s a really nice intimate show and there are always plenty of excellent vendors in attendance.  You’ll find all things in modern as well as vintage pens.

We will be bringing our Current Inventory with us.  I’ll include a slideshow below that will show the pens that we’ll be bringing.

We hope to see you at the show!

Brian at Edison

(if you can’t see the slideshow below, click here)

2014 LE Glenmont Update #2

Posted by on Oct 07 2014

Hi Pen Fans!

The 2014 LE Glenmonts are moving along nicely!

We have almost all of the Wine pens off of the lathe, and are currently sanding and polishing.

The Cumberland pens are still on the lathe.  However, some are off and have moved along to sanding and polishing!

Pics with recent progress as well as a slideshow with all progress is below.

Stay tuned!

Brian at Edison

IMG_8621 IMG_8622 IMG_8624


(If you can’t see the slideshow below, click here)

A Website Facelift!

Posted by on Oct 06 2014

Hi Pen Fans!

If you are viewing this blog post on our website, then you’ll be seeing our new look!

If you are not on our site currently, feel free to head on over to www.edisonpen.com and  have a look!

I am very happy with the new appearance, but there’s still some minor formatting issues to take care of, which we’ll be working on over the next few days.  If you see any issues with the website, feel free to let us know, but we should be ironing out all of these small details in the next few days.

As a side note, the 2014 LE Glenmonts are coming together nicely!  I apologize for not having a more recent update, but during the time that we transitioned over to this new appearance, I couldn’t post anything or risk losing the content.  So expect to see a 2014 LE Glenmont update early this week!

Let me know what you think of the new look and have a great day!

Brian at Edison

Let’s Reevaluate Converter Filling Fountain Pens

Posted by on Sep 25 2014

Hi Pen Fans.

I recently completed an article and have included it withiin the Articles page on the site.

This article, along with the others, are written with the intention of clearing up misconceptions, as well as providing the best information to aid in choosing a fountain pen.

Within this article, I ask the reader to reevaluate converter filling fountain pens.

You can read the article here.  Let me know your thoughts!

Brian at Edison

2014 LE Glenmont Update #1

Posted by on Sep 09 2014

Hi Pen Fans!

The purchasing period for the 2014 LE Glenmont ended last Friday.

I’m still working to get a totally accurate count, but it looks like we are at about 170 pens.  I’m going to get a final number before we begin manufacturing, but is looks like roundabout 110 Cumberland Ebonite pens, and 60 Pearlized Wine Pens. 

It also looks like we will begin manufacturing next week.  We have enough of the Pearlized Wine for the whole project, and enough of the Cumberland Ebonite to get started.  More of the ebonite is coming.  I’ll attach a pic of the raw materials below.  

The Pearlized Wine is on the right, and the Cumberland Ebonite is on the left.  Fear not!  I realize that the ebonite looks really strange, or even green.  Ebonite in it’s raw form always looks nasty!  It’s not until you cut into the nasty rod that the beautiful grain and color begin to show.

So stay tuned for updates!  Since this is a pretty large order, I’m glad that I didn’t promise an early timeline!  In any case, if you ordered the pen, we’ll keep all manufacturing updates here on this blog, so you can watch the process of your pens being "born"!  Stay tuned!

Lastly, I will keep global updates with galleries here, but if you on Twitter, I’ll probably be tweeting more random and frequent progress photos there.  You can follow as on Twitter at @edisonpenco.


Brian at Edison



Edison Nouveau Autumn Special Edition is Here….Get One for Free!

Posted by on Sep 09 2014

Hi Pen Fans!

The Edison Nouveau Autumn Special Edition Pen is here!

Here is the blog post announcing this pen.  There’s plenty of content there that I will not duplicate within this blog post, so be sure to follow the link above to check out the pen, along with a nice video announcing this pen.

Remember the way that these Seasonal Special Editions work is that we will make as many pens as will sell for that given season, and once the season is over, they will be gone!

Also, to commemorate the Goulet’s 1,000th blog post, they are giving away one of these Autumn pens!  Check out this blog post to see how you can qualify to win one of these pens!

As a side note, the buying period for the 2014 LE Glenmont has concluded!  We will be putting up some blog posts soon, and should begin manufacting of these pens next week!  Stay tuned!


Brian at Edison

2014 LE Group Buy Purchasing Period Coming to an End, and Canadian Shipping…..

Posted by on Sep 03 2014

Hi Pen Fans!

This is just a quick reminder that the purchasing period for the 2014 LE Group Buy Glenmont will be ending this week at 11:59pm Friday, Eastern Time.  After this, no more orders will be accepted!

If you are interested, here is the page announcing the Limited Editon Pen.

Here is the purchasing page.

As a side note to our Canadian customers….I made a mistake on our shipping calculator to Canada!  If you add the Limited Edition pen to your cart right now, you’ll see that shipping is being calculated at $38.  This should be $28.  Only our Canadian customers are effected by this.  For any Canadian customer placing an order, go ahead with your order, and rest assured that we will refund the difference to you.  If you have already ordered a pen shipped to Canada, you should have already received your refund.  If not, make sure to let us know.  We are double checking all the transactions now.


Brian at Edison