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 The Huron Grande

 You can watch the slideshow above, or click here to see the entire set of Huron Grande photos on SmugMug.  If you see a pen above that you like, click on it to see a description.


Weight w/ Cap 27g
Weight w/o Cap 14g
Cap Diameter .675″
Body Diamater .570″
Length Capped 6 1/2″
Length Uncapped 5 3/8″


Cartridge/Converter Pen with Steel Nib $275
Cartridge/Converter Pen with 18k Gold Nib $375
Bulb Filler or Pump Filler add $100

To order this pen, email me your request.  I will need to know….

Steel or Gold Nib
Nib Tip Size
Nib customizations