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The New Herald Is Here…

Posted by on Aug 25 2008, in New Pens

A lot of you are aware that I’ve been working on redesigning the Herald.

Feedback that I received was that the pen could use the centerband eliminated, as well as the trim ring on the barrel.  Most people also wanted the ability to post the cap.

The other comment that I received is that it would be very nice to have an eyedropper filling system.

Well, I’ve paid attention to my customers requests, and all four of the above changes have been made.


As you can see, the black centerband has been eliminated…


In the photo below, you will notice that I have eliminated the barrel trim ring.


And lastly, you will see that the cap can post…


As far as the filling system goes, the pen is now available as an eyedropper, or as a cartridge/converter.

The new version is also a bit shorter and lighter than the original.  It is 18 grams capped and 10 grams uncapped, wheras the original was 29 grams and 14 grams, respectively.

The only parts of this pen that is not made of ebonite would be the nib, feed, and clip.

My previous version of this pen was $175, and then if you wanted an ebonite section, you would add $30, for a total of $205.

This new version comes standard with an ebonite section, and starts at $190.  So this pen is actually a better pen, at a lesser price.

And good news…anyone who has purchased the original Herald from me will receive 10% off the purchase of the updated Herald.

All that I presently have in inventory is ebonite pens.  Acrylics will be available in about a week or two.

Click here for the Herald Pen Main Page.

Thanks for reading….

Brian at Edison


  • fateh bajwa

    Wow!………….Love it Brian……….how do I order it now?

  • Mark

    Please tell me about the nib – what sizes are available, and who makes it.

  • Mark

    Does this mean that if I order a pen, I can choose any of the nibs listed?? And the prices quoted above – do they include a nib, and which one?? thnx

  • Brian at Edison

    The pens come with a standard steel nib as priced.
    If you want to upgrade the nib….
    Taccia steel – add $25
    Bock 14k gold – $97
    Bexley 18k gold nib – $110

  • Brain, these are stunning. Great work!

  • Roger Lambert

    Yahoo! I’ve been waiting to place order
    Will do so in the next week and then wait
    somewhat impatiently but then good things
    do take time

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