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New Materials for the Herald…

Posted by on Sep 28 2008, in New Materials

Hi Pen Fans!

I have the Herald completed in some new materials – both ebonites and acrylics.

Brown Ripple Ebonite….


Cracked Ice Acrylic…


Parker Orange Acrylic…


Mandarin Yellow Acrylic…


Aqua Ebonite…


All of these can be seen on the Herald Main Page.


Brian at Edison


  • tfarahat

    Beautiful Brian. Just plain beautiful!

  • jmkeuning

    Parker Orange? Wow. Actually, they all look great!

  • Noooo! Stop that!

    I was just settling down here with my beautiful new red and black ebonite Herald, perfectly satisfied and wanting nothing more, and you had to go and make a cracked ice one…

  • Anh To

    Have I missed your webcam broadcast? Tuning in at nearly 9:00 but you were not there.

  • Bill Bertsch

    Hi Brian, just sending you my e-mail address. See you Sunday. Bill

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