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Introducing the Edison Pen Co 18k Gold Nib…

Posted by on Oct 30 2008, in New Materials

Hi Pen Fans!

I’m very excited to introduce the Edison Pen Co. 18k Gold nib.

This nib is German made, and available in Fine, Medium, and Broad.

I will be discontinuing the 14k Bock nibs and Bexley nibs, as this nib is of equal quality.  However, I still have some Bexleys and Bocks in inventory.  If you are interested in these nibs, email me to inquire.

You can click here to learn more about the Edison 18k nib.


Brian at Edison


  • Tom

    Man you just keep upping the bar. Congratulations on continuing to produce amazing products and adding to your product lines!

  • Carlos

    Congratulations Brian… The nib engraving is simple, yet distinctive — very elegant.

  • Awesome! I assume I can order one for my Herald?

  • Brian at Edison

    Yes, no problem.

  • Excellent ! i just make the comments bcoz i like all the picture, really its nice !!

  • Mona

    Hi Brian, the orange pen in the photo is heartstoppingly beautiful. One day I’ll be able to afford it.

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