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Heading to Philly, and New Designs Coming Very Soon…

Posted by on Jan 18 2009, in New Pens

Hi Pen Fans.

First off, I’m heading to Philly on Thursday for the pen show. 

I’ll be at the show all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I hope to meet some of you live.

Also…at the show, I will have some new things with me.

There will be two new models.  The #76 and the Tuxedo Series Limited Edition.

The #76 will be in three editions.  The Standard Edition, the Premier Limited Edition, and a Bulb Filler Edition.

The Tuxedo Series will be a limited edition ring/pen combo.  This will consist of a Herald pen in black ebonite with a matching titanium ring that will have an ebonite inlay.

As soon as I get back from the Philly Show, I’ll officially announce these new models.

Stay tuned!

Brian at Edison


  • Matt

    Holy moly.

  • Philip

    I’m looking forward to pictures of these prototypes.

  • David Hockenbrocht

    What great pens. I wish I had one to try.

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