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Sneak Peek at a New Prototype…

Posted by on Jul 04 2009, in New Pens

Hi Pen Fans!

This is a quick look at a new prototype.

Most of my pens have a step going from the barrel to section threads. 

Some people have told me that they would prefer a smooth transition from barrel, to threads, to section.

This pen has accomplished this, along with a thinner barrel than my typical pens, making for a pretty elegant design.

I am still making some clip decisions, but this is a a good idea as to how this pen will look.

Email me if interested in this pen, but I anticipate an official launch in the next couple of weeks.

Also, since this is a prototype, I’ll be happy to hear critiques!  Nothing is finalized yet.

Brian at Edison



  • Brian:
    Just LOVE the new clip. Please keep it for all your pens.
    It does add a nice touch of style and class to the pen.

  • Very nice. I really like the new clip too.

  • Douglas

    I like the clip from the Herald better. The rest of the design is great! Can this be made as an eyedropper?

  • Brian at Edison

    Thanks for the comments.

    This pen can certainly be an eyedropper.

  • Glenn-A

    Very nice Brian.
    I like the shape and size.
    I too like the simpler smooth Herald or Glenmont clips.

  • Brian

    Nice classic flat top. Were you trying to do a Waterman type tribute? Could you offer a simple ball clip? I’d be very interested and thank you for fixing the stip between the section and barrel. It looks refined.

  • Brian at Edison

    Custom clips shouldn’t be a problem, but I am leaning towards this clip for the production pen.


  • Waffling some more… it’s attractive, but the clip seems a little busy to me. My 2 cents!

  • Always did like the flat top-much more masculine.
    This new clip really dresses up the cap of any pen.
    Keep up the great work.

  • Ron

    Very nice! What are the dimensions? Also, gotta agree with Julie’s comment about the clip seeming a little busy. It’s pretty, but maybe a little much.

  • Brian Gray

    You can find specifications on the pen here…


    Also, this was an early prototype. I decided against that clip.

    You can see the clip used today at the same link above.


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