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The Edison/Chatterley LE Huron Grande

Posted by on Jul 07 2010, in New Pens

Hi Pen Fans.

I’m pround to announce a collaboration between Edison and Chatterley Pens.

In about 2 weeks, I will officially announce "Grande" versions of a couple of my pens. 

As the name implies, these will be larger versions.

I have completed an early Limited Edition of 18 Huron Grande pens for Chatterley Pens.  These pens are made from Ivory Celluloid.

This Ivory Celluloid is getting scarce, and will be completely gone very soon, if it’s not already gone from my supplier.

This is a larger pen, at about 6.5" capped, and 5.5" uncapped.

This pen in Ivory Celluloid will only be available from Chatterley Pens They are not for sale here.  I will not be making anymore Huron Grande pens from this Ivory Celluloid. 

Please visit Chatterley Pens at www.pentime.com for more more details.

Photos are below, courtesy of Chatterley Pens.


Brian at Edison.


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