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I Could Use Your Help, Please…

Posted by on Sep 17 2010, in Fan Feedback

Hi Pen Fans.

In an effort to bring the products and service that my clients want, I’ve created a very short survey.

Personally, I’m not always a fan of online surveys, so I have made this very short, to the point, and user-friendly. 

This survey should only take a couple of minutes.

If you could please fill this out, this will help immensely as I decide what directions my business will take as well what offerings to continue or discontinue.

Truly, this will help me to bring you better and better products, so please take a couple of minutes to help me out.

Click the link below to take the survey.


Many thanks.

Brian at Edison


  • Anon Y Mouse

    Sorry about the anonymity but wanted to add to my survey that you should offer Titanium and 14k nibs

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