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Pen Shows, Video Blog, and More….

Posted by on Oct 19 2010, in Broadcasts and Videos

Hi Pen Fans!

Below is the first what will be many video blogs…

Topics covered – Pen Show Schedule, Updates, and Video Blog Ideas….

The link mentioned for current inventory is here.

If you can’t see this video, visit the Main Page.


Brian at Edison


  • Jim Shaver

    Hey Buddy, See you Saturday, same place as last year?


  • Brian Gray

    We’ll be there! And if you can hang for a drink, I’d love to buy you one! Take care, buddy!

  • MTruppi

    I like the nib tuning video idea. While it be spcific to Edison nibs or will you be giving tecniques that can be applied to vintage pens etc.?

  • sejong

    nice to see u in person at last!

    or is it video? =)

  • Brian Gray

    The nib tuning idea will certainly apply to German-Made #6 and #5 nibs. These tips will apply to most other fountain pen nibs as well, but not necessarily every pen nib.

  • Milton

    Hello Brian,
    I’m interested in watching the nib tuning
    video. It is already available?

  • Brian Gray

    No, not yet. Actually, it’s still simply rambling through my head, so bear with me. I’ll be busy with all the pen shows, so maybe November/December (?)

  • Fred

    Brian, I enjoyed my first pen show and assure you it won’t be my last. You have a beautifully crafted and amazingly smooth writing product.

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