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Snake Clips!

Hi Pen Fans.

In the past, I've had cast sterling snake clips, but truth be told, I was only OK with their designs.

I recently enlisted the help of a friend to create some custom snake clips to my specifications and design.

I couldn't be happier with how they turned out.

They wrap around the cap of a Huron or Glenmont.  Since they are not attached all the way around the cap, they are adjustable to a degree to make a perfect fit.

They are probably not all that functional, outside of keeping a pen from rolling off of a desk.  They are more decorative.  I wouldn't recommend slipping the clips over a real thick pocket, as they might bend.  However, being sterling silver, they can easily be moved back into tension.

The clip is shown below in a black acrylic pen with a satin finish.

Being silver, I don't recommend these clips going onto an ebonite pen.  The ebonite outgassing will tarnish the clip.  However, the black acrylic that you see above is a perfect "faux" ebonite.  It's rather soft, and not at all brittle like most acrylics.  When a pen is finished in this acrylic, I can't tell the difference between this and ebonite without smelling. 

This clip looks great with black acrylic.  I have trouble picturing this clip on something with grain, or a wild material, as your eye would be divided between the material and the clip.  However, I can see this clip with some other solid, red, green, etc....

These clips will add $50 to the cost of a pen.

Thanks for looking!

Brian at Edison



john smith's Gravatar Creepy...I do like clips but would not like something like that on my pen staring me in the face. Nice pen thugh.
# Posted By john smith | 9/16/10 5:36 PM
Sejong's Gravatar I`ve seen this clip before on FPN. Ugly, to my aesthetic standards. Some might like it. Not me. =(
# Posted By Sejong | 9/20/10 12:51 AM
bart's Gravatar I find the clip stunning, it elevates the penwel
# Posted By bart | 2/24/12 3:13 PM
Vincent's Gravatar Those are absolutely stunning. I love snakes. My fiancée hates them, though, so it's a clever ploy to keep her away from my pens! MWAHAHAHA!
# Posted By Vincent | 2/28/12 5:30 PM
Zeke's Gravatar I like the snake clip, and am considering have one put on a custom pen from Edison; perhaps in jade green. That ought to look cool. I have in my collection the original "Agatha Christie" Montblanc FP and BP. Both have a stering silver clips.
# Posted By Zeke | 3/1/12 5:02 PM
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