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Website Overhaul, Stilwell Update, and Gold Rates….

Posted by on Jun 08 2011, in Site Maintenance

Hi Pen Fans!

Updates and links below….

If you would like to see the new deck being built, click here.

Keep your ear to the ground on the Sterling Silver Stilwell….

Here’s a chart showing current gold rates….this along with the Dollar vs. the Euro is driving a price increase on gold nibbed pens by $25.


Brian at Edison





  • Colburn Dick

    Man, I’m tired after watching all that work.
    Maybe you should create a pen to commemorate the deck.

  • Brian:
    Geart to see someone doing manual labor nowa days!!

    It makes me feel good to see you and your friend complete a project that I would have taken on myself several years ago.
    I am very proud of you…


    There may be a new pen purchase coming up for me from you soon….

    Jerry Fine

    Remind me again….
    Is it the Rollerball or the Ballpoint pen that you can make that DOES accept the Parker style refill?


  • Thanks, Guys!

    Jerry – I don’t do ballpoints, generally, only rollerballs. I don’t have any pen that is really set up to accept Parker-style refills. Only Schmidt 5888’s or 888’s.


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