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Tips on Flushing Nibs

Posted by on Sep 09 2011, in Tips and Hints

Hi Pen Fans!

Highlights from the video….

1.  My preferred method for flushing nibs.

2.  You can find the aspirator that I use here.


Brian at Edison




  • you can pick up those ear bulbs at any drug store, Walmart, Kmart

  • Thanks, Julie!

  • brig

    we use those to suction mouths/noses when kids are born too

  • Albert Jan Swart

    I bought an aspirator in Amsterdam yesterday. It works perfectly! Thanks!

    Love your weblog!

    Greetings from Holland

  • Scott

    Thanks for the tip. I just tried it and it worked great. Much faster than my old method of flushing with the converter.

  • It’s the simple things that can make all the difference! I use this method too. I also have a, uh, salad spinner (Ron Zorn style) that I originally made for lever filling pens. Now I use the spinner for those pens that take some of the higher maintenance inks. It does a great job at getting out much of the ink remnants.

    Thanks for making this neat tutorial. Glad to share it with others who need to know how to flush their nibs.

    (BTW: the price on the aspirator in your linknote the free shipping as I write thisis way cheaper than what I paid at Walgreen’s for mine!)

  • nate

    Do you let the nib dry out before re-inking?

  • I recommend that you either apply a paper towel to the bottom of the feed to "wick" the moisture out, or you let the nib dry. Anytime that you ink a pen that has a wet feed, you will be watering down your ink a little bit. There is no harm in this, other then making the ink thinner, and de-saturating the color. If you don’t mind this, then no harm done.

    Very good question.

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