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Pearlized Purple Premiere Pen!

Posted by on Sep 22 2011, in New Pens

Hey Pen Fans!

Edison Nouveau has introduced a new color within the lineup of Premieres.

If you have been following the Goulet’s website over the last couple of weeks, you would have seen our ventures towards a purple version.  We couldn’t decide which color was the best, so we left the decision up to you!

We did a poll here, and the results were pretty well favored in one direction, and that was the Pearlized Purple.

If any of you are interested in the other three purple versions that we did, make sure to subscribe to my email list (upper right on my website).  I’m going to offer them up next week as an email only special.

So here’s the new Pearlized Purple Premiere…..

For ordering information, please go here.


Brian at Edison


  • HATE this new Purple color!!

  • Yay, purple! That pen looks gorgeous!

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