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Post LA Inventory, and FP Geeks…

Posted by on Feb 22 2012, in Current Inventory

Hi Pen Fans.

There are two topics with this quick post.

First, we have a lot of new pens that we brought to the LA Pen Show but did not sell.  So keep an eye out…later this week, we’ll have the Current Inventory Gallery updated with a lot of new pens ready to ship, including about 10 new bulb fillers.

Second, I quickly wanted to mention a new fountain pen website that I’m really excited about.  It’s not everyday that I go out of my way to promote and endorse a pen blog, but this is no ordinary blog.

FPGeeks.com is run by two great fellows named Eric Schneider and Dan Smith.  I had known Eric from previous pen shows, but I got a chance to meet both Eric and Dan as a duo at the LA Pen Show, had a great dinner, and got to know each of them a lot better.

I’m really impressed with FPGeeks.com.  It’s not every pen blog that has the following features….

1.  Weekly Podcast
2.  Weekly "Geek of the Week" Interview (every week, you will get to hear a major player in the pen industry interviewed in a very candid and fun manner…personally, I’ve learned a lot more about some people in the industry.)
3.  A forum which has already become one of the larger ones in a very short time.
4.  Excellent live coverage of the Pen Shows, as well as one of the most comprehensive pen show schedules that I’ve seen.
5.  Awesome Reviews to help you decide which products will be the best decision for you.
6.  Two very ambitious fellows who really know how to run a website as well as conduct invterviews and podcasts.

So I recommend that you add them to your Blog Reader, iTunes Podcast, or simply bookmark them.  I have been interviewed as a "Geek of the Week".  I also participated in this weeks Podcast, and I truly had a lot of fun with both.

Like I said, rarely would I go out of my way to heavily endorse and promote a pen blog, but this is a blog that I personally visit often, and find very valuable.  They’ve only been around for about 6 months, but already they have lots of good content, which will only get better and become an even larger library of fountain pen goodness!

Check them out!

Brian at Edison


  • Agreed! These guys are the new "kings" of fountain pen information. Long live the kings!

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