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LOTS of New Ebonite, and Pearl LE Group Buy Update….

Posted by on Mar 23 2012, in New Materials

Hi Pen Fans!

Highlights from the video above.

1.  We have LOTS of new ebonite to offer.  Click here for the Materials Samples Gallery showing only new ebonite.

2.  The Pearl LE Group Buy purchasing period will conclude Sunday night.  If you have ever wanted a Signature Line Pearl at a Production price, this weekend will be your last chance.  Click here to go to the Goulet Pen Co. to place your order.

3.  I thought that I’d include some pics of some of my personal favorites from the new ebonites…..

Mottled Aqua….



Mustard Swirl….

There’s LOTS more…be sure to check out the link above!


Brian at Edison


  • Elizabeth

    I shouldn’t have looked. LOL I’ve had the aqua swirl ebonite (which looks great in person if anyone’s wondering) Collier for less than a week, but that lavender swirl is really tempting me!

  • Thanks Elizabeth!

    The Aqua is a favorite of mine, for sure. And that lavender is definitely a favorite. I’ve already filled a couple orders for it based on this blog post!

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