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We’re Back! We’re Exhausted! Another Great DC Pen Show!

Posted by on Aug 15 2012, in Pen Shows

Hi Pen Fans!

We’re back from the DC Pen Show, and as usual, I’m swamped with emails!  I’m plowing through them now, so if you are expecting a response from me, you should get it today or tomorrow.

In the meantime, you might appreciate some photos that I managed to take from the show….

From Sarj Minhas’ (personal one-man-pen-show) collection….


A couple of gorgeous safeties!

Ariel Kullock’s interpretation of Bexley’s Poseidon….

The FP Geeks looking rather "Geek Chic!"


 And if you have not already seen it, you really need to watch the "walkthrough" video that the FPGeeks did!  Entertaining, and you’ll get a pretty idea as to the size and scope of the DC Pen Show!


Brian at Edison


  • Chat Chaisatien

    Cool! I wish to have DC pen show in Thailand. A man without his pen is an unarmed man. 🙂

    Chat Chaisatien

  • Fred Beiderbecke

    When are you going to post pictures of the leftovers you brought back that are for sale?

  • We will get this up next week. This week is pretty crazy catching up, and also trying to find some much needed rest!

    In the meantime, if you want to look at the video here….

    You could probably identify a pen (Beaumont, second from the top, red ebonite, etc), and I can let you know if it sold in DC.


  • Chat Chaisatien

    Brian, could you check your email "meisternibs" ?
    Thank you 🙂

  • Yep – I’m getting there! I’ve been swamped with emails the last few days after the DC Show! Give me a few minutes. I’ll respond now.

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