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Introducing the Pearlette!

Posted by on Jan 05 2012, in New Pens

Hi Pen Fans!

There is a new pen model within the Edison Signature Line!


Highlights from from the video….

The Pearlette is a smaller version of the Pearl.  Click here for the Main Page, or here for the gallery.


or with a clip…(please note that this clip is a little crooked….see the video as to why….)


Since this is pretty small, the pen is engineered to post well, so bigger hands will have no length problems….

A comparison photo between the Pearlette and the Pearl….


Let me know if there are any questions!

Brian at Edison


  • Kite

    When I first got my Pearl a couple of weeks ago, my first impression that the length was perfect, but the width of the pen was too wide, hence the pen was abit too "fat" for me. Just when I’m considering ordering a custom "thinner" Pearl, you came out with the Pearlette…. What a coincidence!

  • A really good looking pen Brian. Just the right size IMHO.
    Bulb fill does sound ‘iffy’? Especially if it’s going to need a refill every two minutes.

  • Kite – yeah, sorry. If you ever want to know what’s around the bend for me, I rarely keep this information from customers.

    Dave – when trying to make this into a bulb filler, the problem won’t be ink capacity. It will still hold a lot more than a converter. The problem is that it might just look really weird. A pen where the blind cap removes toward the middle, or even higher up toward the nib in order to fit a bulb large enough to function.

  • One more please Brian. the #5 nib, what is the distance from the nib tip to the section please? Around 15mm?

    TIA Dave

  • Hi Dave.

    The Pearlette from section to nib tip is around 20mm.

    Let me know how else I can help.


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