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The Edison Beaumont is Goldspot’s 2012 Pen of the Year!

Posted by on Nov 15 2012, in Awards

Hi Pen Fans!

I’m proud to announce that the Edison Beaumont has been named Goldspot Luxury Gifts Pen of the Year, 2012!

Some of you may be confused by this, as Goldspot announced this honor to another pen earlier this week.

Well, it turns out that Goldspot uncovered irrefutable evidence showing that the vote was hacked in the last 2-3 hours.  The Beaumont was ahead by a minimum of 6% the entire voting period, and then in the last couple hours, another pen suddenly surged ahead to win by 4%.

Well, it turns out that the vote was hacked.  If you’d like to read Goldspot’s statement, it is here.

I had no idea that the pen community could be so scandalous! 

Regardless, we’d like to thank everyone who voted (legitimately!)

So in the last two years, the Huron was nominated for a Pen World Reader’s Choice Award, the Collier won Goldspot’s Pen of the Year 2011, and then the Beaumont just won Goldspot’s Pen of the year 2012!  That’s two years running for Edison in the Goldspot polls!

Again, thanks to everyone for voting.  Next week when we take a break, we’ll have one more item to be thankful for!

Brian at Edison



  • Congratulations, Brian – it’s a beauty, especially the sapphire flake!

  • XiaoMG

    Wow, that’s crazy. I voted for the Conid, but am a bit disappointed that folks would try to cheat just to win something like this.

    Nothing against the Beaumont of course…I am impatiently waiting for mine.

  • Will

    Yeah, I agree. I love Brian’s work, and the Beaumont looks like a great pen, but I think the first NEW filling system released in MANY years deserves some credit–especially when it is an improvement over other filling systems.

  • Thomas Hall

    It was a close race, and I have and love both pens. Glad that you handled this situation so properly, Brian. It is sad that a few fans tried to tip the scales in this way. The Fountainbel Bulk Filler is still a very nice pen, as is the Edison Beaumont.

    I love the Sapphire Flake! But I really love the custom Beaumonts I have.

    Congrats again.

  • Congrats Brian! Another great win for Edison Pens!

  • Teresa Bailey

    Congratulations again, Brian!! Beautiful pens!!

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