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Let's Reevaluate Converter Filling Fountain Pens

Hi Pen Fans.

I recently completed an article and have included it withiin the Articles page on the site.

This article, along with the others, are written with the intention of clearing up misconceptions, as well as providing the best information to aid in choosing a fountain pen.

Within this article, I ask the reader to reevaluate converter filling fountain pens.

You can read the article here.  Let me know your thoughts!

Brian at Edison

Email Servers Are Back up, but We Might Have Lost a Few....

Hi Pen Fans!

Our email servers are back up now, but I'm convinced that more then just a few emails were lost in the shuffle.

Bottom line, if you are expecting a response from me and haven't received it, please let me know.

Have a great day!

Brian at Edison

2014 LE Glenmont Update #1

Hi Pen Fans!

The purchasing period for the 2014 LE Glenmont ended last Friday.

I'm still working to get a totally accurate count, but it looks like we are at about 170 pens.  I'm going to get a final number before we begin manufacturing, but is looks like roundabout 110 Cumberland Ebonite pens, and 60 Pearlized Wine Pens. 

It also looks like we will begin manufacturing next week.  We have enough of the Pearlized Wine for the whole project, and enough of the Cumberland Ebonite to get started.  More of the ebonite is coming.  I'll attach a pic of the raw materials below.  

The Pearlized Wine is on the right, and the Cumberland Ebonite is on the left.  Fear not!  I realize that the ebonite looks really strange, or even green.  Ebonite in it's raw form always looks nasty!  It's not until you cut into the nasty rod that the beautiful grain and color begin to show.

So stay tuned for updates!  Since this is a pretty large order, I'm glad that I didn't promise an early timeline!  In any case, if you ordered the pen, we'll keep all manufacturing updates here on this blog, so you can watch the process of your pens being "born"!  Stay tuned!

Lastly, I will keep global updates with galleries here, but if you on Twitter, I'll probably be tweeting more random and frequent progress photos there.  You can follow as on Twitter at @edisonpenco.


Brian at Edison



Edison Nouveau Autumn Special Edition is Here....Get One for Free!

Hi Pen Fans!

The Edison Nouveau Autumn Special Edition Pen is here!

Here is the blog post announcing this pen.  There's plenty of content there that I will not duplicate within this blog post, so be sure to follow the link above to check out the pen, along with a nice video announcing this pen.

Remember the way that these Seasonal Special Editions work is that we will make as many pens as will sell for that given season, and once the season is over, they will be gone!

Also, to commemorate the Goulet's 1,000th blog post, they are giving away one of these Autumn pens!  Check out this blog post to see how you can qualify to win one of these pens!

As a side note, the buying period for the 2014 LE Glenmont has concluded!  We will be putting up some blog posts soon, and should begin manufacting of these pens next week!  Stay tuned!


Brian at Edison

2014 LE Group Buy Purchasing Period Coming to an End, and Canadian Shipping.....

Hi Pen Fans!

This is just a quick reminder that the purchasing period for the 2014 LE Group Buy Glenmont will be ending this week at 11:59pm Friday, Eastern Time.  After this, no more orders will be accepted!

If you are interested, here is the page announcing the Limited Editon Pen.

Here is the purchasing page.

As a side note to our Canadian customers....I made a mistake on our shipping calculator to Canada!  If you add the Limited Edition pen to your cart right now, you'll see that shipping is being calculated at $38.  This should be $28.  Only our Canadian customers are effected by this.  For any Canadian customer placing an order, go ahead with your order, and rest assured that we will refund the difference to you.  If you have already ordered a pen shipped to Canada, you should have already received your refund.  If not, make sure to let us know.  We are double checking all the transactions now.


Brian at Edison 

2014 LE Glenmont Group Buy!

Hi Pen Fans!

It's a pleasure to announce our 2014 Limited Edition Group Buy Glenmont!

For those of you who have participated in these Group Buys in the past, you'll realize that this is the only time that you can get an Edison Pen at any kind of discount.  We only do these once a year.

Please watch the video below, and then I'll get into some details and logistics as to how this will work.  (If you can't see the video below, click here.)


1.  In order to participate, you will need to pay in full prior to any manufacturing.  We will have a set buying period starting today, and ending at 11:59pm, September 5th.  Once this buying period has passed, we will have a total number of pens. After this, we will not accept any more orders. We will then order materials. Once they arrive, we will start manufacturing.  Understand that this means that there could be 1 to 3 months between when you pay and when you receive your pen.  I'm giving 1-3 months as a ballpark.  The actual time involved will depend on how many pens we are making. Once we have a final number, I will have an accurate (albeit still estimated) timeline. 

2.  We will document the entire manufacturing process with photos and videos so you can watch the process of your pens being "born".  Updates will be posted here on this blog.  Since you will receive these updates, the exact shipping date will not be a surprise to you.  We will keep you updated.

3.  The pen to be made will be The Glenmont as a cartridge/converter filler in either Cumberland Ebonite, or Pearlized Wine Acrylic.  See the video above or pics below.

4.  Price for ebonite will be $190.  Price for acrylic will be $180, then shipping.  Normal retail price for either of these pens is $250.

5.  Steel nibs only in XF, F, M, B, 1.1mm or 1.5mm italic.  If you wish to have an 18k nib, then you will need to buy the pen with the steel nib, and then contact me after you receive the pen for an 18k upgrade (nibs unscrew to interchange). 

6.  There will be no nib customizations available.  Only XF, F, M, B, 1.1mm or 1.5mm italic.  You will need to handle any nib customizations aftermarket.

7.  The pens will be engraved as a Numbered Limited Edition.  The Ebonite Pens will be engraved "2014 LEE #XX of XX". (LEE is for Limited Edition Ebonite).  The acrylic pens will be engraved "2014 LEA #XX of XX"  (LEA is for Limited Edition Acrylic).

8. Requests for a specific number within the edition will not be honored.  You cannot request #1, or any other specific number. 

9. In addition to the cost of the pen, there will be shipping charges, of course. International friends can certainly participate, but appropriate international shipping fees will apply.

10.  These two materials will be exclusive to the Glenmont for a period of one year.  We won't be making any other Glenmonts from these materials for one year to respect the "rules" of a Limited Edition.

 If you have questions, please leave a comment, or email us.


Brian at Edison

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Current Inventory Galleries Updated!

Hi Pen Fans!

We are pretty well settled in after the DC Pen Show!  Very exhausting, but it's always great to see our regulars, and also meet new customers!

We have the Currently Inventory Galleries updated to reflect what sold in DC.  So any pen that you see at the link here, or within the slideshow below is waiting to find a new home!  Email us to inquire.

(If you can't see the slideshow, click here)

As a side note, I am working on a nice video blog post to announce the 2014 LE Group Buy Pen right now!  This announcement should be up today or tomorrow!  Stay tuned!

Brian at Edison

DC Pen Show! Check Out Our Inventory!

Hi Pen Fans!

The DC Pen Show is this weekend!

Below, you'll see a video showing the inventory that we'll be bringing (if you can't see the video, click here).

You can also see all of these pens in the Current Inventory Gallery.

If you can't make the pen show, but are interested in one of these pens, just reach out to us!

Hope to see you in DC!

Brian at Edison

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