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Tweaks for Geeks! Online Nib Tuning Seminar! This Weekend!

Posted by on Apr 23 2013, in Tips and Hints

Hi Pen Fans!

This weekend will be the long awaited Tweaks for Geeks Online Nib Tuning Seminar!

Myself and the FPGeeks will be hosting an interactive Google+ Hangout where we will demonstrate how to properly smooth and tune your fountain pen nibs.

Saturday, April 27, 2013, at 10:30am Pacific Daylight Time. 

All details are here….

…and the notes that we will be using are to be found here….

If you are not able to attend live, fear not!  The entire seminar will be recorded and hosted here at Edisonpen.com as well as FPGeeks.com for future viewings at any time.

Lastly, the intention is to keep Tweaks for Geeks as a recurring program.  The idea is to "bring your problematic pens, and we’ll fix them together", so stay tuned for more episodes!

Tune In, and We’ll Tune Up!

Brian at Edison


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