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Some Nice Articles in the Cleveland Plain Dealer!

Posted by on Aug 29 2013, in Social Media

Hi Pen Fans!

Edison recently had some nice press in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

If you’d like to check out this story, I’ve linked it below….

Edison Pens in Milan, Ohio Creates Custom Fountain Pens, Big Demand

The Plain Dealer must have really been in a fountain pen kind of mood, as they also published three other great stories regarding fountain pens in general…

Fountain Pen Collector Notes:  Eight Pens to Love, Enoy — and Use

Fountain Pens are Back, Flashier, and More Functional Than Ever

Fountain Pens: Online Blogs, Retailers, Websites Loaded with Information, Options


Brian at Edison


  • I didn’t realize you were so close to where I live. I imagine that would mean faster shipping when I buy someday. 🙂

  • Colburn

    Good coverage. Certainly deserved.

  • freddy

    Great article about Edison Pens, Brian. The other articles are okay as an introduction to the uninitiated. However, even considering the Parker "5th Mode" a fountain pen is a true injustice.

  • Thanks Colburn! Freddy, I’ve never used a 5th mode, so I really can’t comment on whether or not it’s truly a fountain pen. I would like to play with one someday, however! Thanks!~

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