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A Vacation!

Posted by on Feb 28 2014, in Time Away

Hi Pen Fans!

My family will be taking a nice vacation the week of March 3rd.

We are taking our son to Disney!  We can’t wait!

And the way that Ohio has treated us this winter, it will be awfully nice to be in Florida for a week!

Usually with vacations, I still try to keep up with a few emails, but on this trip, I’m going to do something that I rarely ever do, and not look at emails at all.  I really need a vacation from my computer!

So I will not be fielding emails until we get back on the 10th.

Hopefully when we get back, spring will have arrived early in Ohio!  

Have a great week!

Brian at Edison


  • Ann

    Have a great time with your family! 😀

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