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Current Inventory Updated!

Posted by on Mar 06 2015, in Current Inventory

Hi Pen Fans!

It’s been rather hectic since the LA Pen Show, but things have finally returned to normal!

We’ve had a chance to update our Current Inventory Galleries with all of the pens that we made in preparation for the LA Pen Show.

Since the last time that you would have seen this gallery, there’s been about 40 Menlos, as well as about 70 other different models added.  So this gallery will look pretty different now, with lots more to choose from.

If you see a pen within this gallery that you like, it’s ready to ship with no waiting!  Email me to inquire.

I’ll embed a slideshow with this gallery below.  If you can’t see this slideshow, go here for the Current Inventory Gallery.


Brian at Edison


  • wolfgang

    It’s so amazing!

  • Randolph Stephenson

    Hi Brian!

    What is that fountain pen pictured on that news of Indy-pen?

    I do not recall seeing on in your inventory.

    I need info and price (gold nib) please.



    • Hi Randolph. That pen is not an Edison. It’s a vintage pen. A Waterman Lever filler, I believe. Remember that Indy sells more than just Edison. This is one of their vintage pens. Thanks!

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