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A Nice Visit From the Ann Arbor Pen Posse!

Posted by on Mar 31 2015, in Fan Feedback

Hi Pen Fans!

Last weekend, we were able to host a visit from the Ann Arbor Pen Posse!

The reason for this post is two-fold…

1.  The visit was a ton of fun.  Hector with Inkluminati put together a wonderful blog post that is very well written, and is amazingly photographed.  It’s definitely worth sharing.

2.  A lot of people don’t realize that visits to our facility here in Ohio are welcomed by appointment.  If you belong to a pen club and would like to arrange a visit to check out how we make our pens, just reach out!

Here is the excellent blog post.

Here is the full gallery of photos.


Brian at Edison

Edison Pens Visit

Edison Pens Visit

Edison Pens Visit

(photos: Hector with Inklumati)


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