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Current Inventory Updated!

Posted by on Aug 30 2016, in Current Inventory

Hi Pen Fans!

Well, our heads are finally above water since the DC Pen Show!

Due to this, we’ve been able to photograph all pens that didn’t sell in DC and get them into the Current Inventory Gallery.

There are more than just a few examples of materials that we’ve never used before, so if you are looking for a unique pen with no waiting, that’s where to go.

You can see the gallery here, or you can watch the slideshow below.


Brian at Edison


  • lory white

    how much is this one

    • I’m not sure which one you are referring to, sorry!

  • Anja

    Looking at the Beaumont striated magenta. Is it still available. What is the nib on that & what’s the price?

    • Sorry, but this blog post is from 2016. That pen has long since sold. However, we can always make one custom for you. Email me if interested. brian@edisonpen.com

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