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Check Out Our Pen Plotter!

Posted by on Sep 16 2016, in New Pens

We picked up pretty neat tool!

Brian at Edison


  • jeffrey r. impallomeni

    how about writing for paralyzed or crippled people. a recent neck operation has severely limited the use if my hands and my writing, which was always bad, now barely exists. i am limited to one punch buttons on a computer while my fountain pens, including one of your pneumatics sit idly. i can see it would be a very useful tool for you and also for other people. use it well and wisely.


    • Wow that’s an excellent use that I never though of, Jeffrey! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kathy Duke

    That is really cool! And it speaks well of your nibs that a machine with zero aesthetic judgment can write well and reliably with one.

    Would you consider sending the plotter test sheet along when you ship the pen? I would love to see it, especially if you test with cool shapes like that grid sphere.

    • Hi Kathy. Thanks for the comments! Yes, we’ll include a test sheet with your pen. I’ll note that on your receipt now. Have a great day!

  • This is not dissimilar to the auto pen device used by the Queen for signing all her birthday and Christmas cards.

    • Yes, it’s essentially a stripped down version of an Auto-Pen.

  • Came across your site and beautiful pens accidentally. We are looking for a plotter machine like this one you used here to draw out an outline for our beginner painting students. Do you sell these plotters or have a link to where i can find one?

    • We don’t sell these, but if you google, they are easy to find. Thanks!

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