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Well Shoot! We are going to miss Chicago!

Posted by on Apr 26 2017, in Pen Shows

Hi Pen Fans.

I wanted to publish this as soon as we knew for sure.

My wife is going in for surgery soon and her recovery time will be during the Chicago Pen Show. I will be needed to help during her recovery period. This might also mean that I’m a little slower with emails over the next week or so.

The surgery is very routine and very low risk, thank goodness.

So while this is a bummer, we have no choice regarding the pen show. 🙁

Our next show will be DC, so I hope to see our fans at that time!

Like I said, this is very low risk and very routine, but good thoughts are appreciated.


Brian at Edison



Andrea’s surgery went exactly as planned! Flying Colors! She is now in recovery mode. Last week I was only able to spend about 2-3 hours each day at best working. But this weekend Andrea started getting up and moving about mostly on her own. So this week things will be relatively back to normal here at our facility as my time will not be nearly as divided!

Many thanks to all of fans who wished us well! The outpouring of kind thoughts was quite overwhelming! Andrea, myself, our family and employees truly appreciate how excellent our fans are!


  • Marianna Kump

    Brian, I will certainly keep your dear wife in my prayers for a complete and speedy recovery. I know this is a little stressful for you too so you are in my prayers as well.

    • Thank you Marianna!

  • Terry Godfrey

    Thoughts and prayers for your wife and you Brian.

  • Dave L

    You both will be in my prayers. I hope your wife has a speedy recovery!

    • Thanks Dave! Everything went great! We are in recovery mode now.

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