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No More Solid Ebonite Except Black....

Hi Pen Fans.

I wanted to make everyone aware of some materials that we'll be discontinuing.

We have found that over the years, our solid colored ebonites (except black) have been fading in a very unacceptable manner.  See pics below.

Looks like a couple of really nice ebonite pens, right?


Well, let's remove the caps......

I think it's obvious that the pens have faded everywhere except where the caps covered the barrels.  When these pens were fresh off the lathe, the original color would have been closer to the darker shade.  What makes this difficult to diagnose is that the pens above have been either on my desk out of sunlight or in my desk drawer for 3-4 years, so it's a very slow process, but still an unacceptable one.

So from here on out, until we can find a supplier that will give us an acceptable product, we will no longer be using any solid colored ebonite except black.  The black is not fading at all with normal care.  However, these pens above (and many other solid colored ebonite pens) have been fading even if they stay in a drawer, and never see sunlight or UV rays.  Even though this is a very slow process, it's still not up to our standards, and not a material that we'll stand behind anymore.

Does this this effect the swirl, mottled, or woodgrain ebonites?  Nope, those are perfectly fine, and will not fade with normal care.

Just so you know, I have already removed the unacceptable ebonites from the Material Samples Gallery.  If you want to look through this gallery, you will see only viable materials.  And you'll see plenty of solid colored acrylics there.  Of course, acrlyic will not fade with normal care, so there's still plenty of solid colored materials to choose from.

So what if you currently own a pen made from a solid colored ebonite that has faded unacceptably?  Refer to our guarantee here.  We can take the pen back.  With sanding and polishing, we can restore the original color, but of course, we realize that no one wants to do this every 4 years.  So if you are unhappy with a solid colored ebonite pen that has faded even with proper care, reach out to us, and we'll make it right.


Brian at Edison

LOTS of New Ebonite, and Pearl LE Group Buy Update....

Hi Pen Fans!

Highlights from the video above.

1.  We have LOTS of new ebonite to offer.  Click here for the Materials Samples Gallery showing only new ebonite.

2.  The Pearl LE Group Buy purchasing period will conclude Sunday night.  If you have ever wanted a Signature Line Pearl at a Production price, this weekend will be your last chance.  Click here to go to the Goulet Pen Co. to place your order.

3.  I thought that I'd include some pics of some of my personal favorites from the new ebonites.....

Mottled Aqua....



Mustard Swirl....

There's LOTS sure to check out the link above!


Brian at Edison

Extra Fine Nibs Available!

Hi Pen Fans.

Highlights from the video...

1.  #6 Steel nibs are now available in Extra Fine.  Two Tone and Single Tone Polished.

2.  Both the Signature Line and Production Line will have this option, so you can get these standard on pens from me or from the retailers that carry Edison Pens.


Brian at Edison

Engraved Steel Nibs!

Hi Pen Fans.

Sorry for the blog inactivity lately.  We have been really busy!

As of now, both my gold nibs and steel nibs will have the Edison logo, with the exception of the Mina.

Here are the engraved 18k Gold nibs...

...and here are the new engraved Steel Nibs.....


Expect to see a lot more updates this and next week, including another new pen that will be in a more attainable price range, and avaiable through retailers, not direct from me.


Brian at Edison


Dark Tortoise Celluloid - Very Limited Supply

Hi Pen Fans....

The Dark Tortoise Celluloid is almost gone...see below...

Here is a gallery showing only Dark Tortoise Celluloid pens...


Brian at Edison

Toronto, Columbus, and Flecked Tortoise Acrylic....

Hi Pen Fans.

Another video blog update....

I look foward to seeing lots of you in Columbus next week!


Brian at Edison

Two Tone and Rhodium 18k Nibs...

Hi Pen Fans.

I recently received my new shipment of 18k gold nibs.  This includes two tone and rhodium nibs, in addition to my gold nibs.

The gold and rhodium nibs are available in Fine, Medium and Broad.

Currently, the two tone nibs are only avaibable in Fine, but I'll be getting Mediums and Broads in a couple of months.

Coming soon - Sailor Ink and Piston Fillers!


Brian at Edison

Introducing the Edison Pen Co 18k Gold Nib...

Hi Pen Fans!

I'm very excited to introduce the Edison Pen Co. 18k Gold nib.

This nib is German made, and available in Fine, Medium, and Broad.

I will be discontinuing the 14k Bock nibs and Bexley nibs, as this nib is of equal quality.  However, I still have some Bexleys and Bocks in inventory.  If you are interested in these nibs, email me to inquire.

You can click here to learn more about the Edison 18k nib.


Brian at Edison

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