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Gold Snake Clips!

We are happy to announce that our Sterling Silver Snake Clips are now available in a gold plated version!
(if you can't see the video below, please go here).

In the past, people have been very happy with our Solid Sterling version of this clip, as you see below....

But I think a lot of people would appreciate a gold version to compliment warmer colors, as you can see here...

There's more details within the video above, but either the gold or silver version will add $90 to the cost of a pen.

Email us for more information!

Brian at Edison

A New Material Coming to the Production Line Collier!

Hi Pen Fans!

We are very happy to announce a new material that is is now available in the Production Line Collier!

This new material will be called Blue Steel Acrylic.  It's a very nice deep blue with lots of depth, and a rather subtle swirl.


Since this pen is part of the Production Line, remember that Edison will not sell this pen direct.  The retailers that carry the Production Line will be selling this pen.  You can find these retailers here.  All retailers have placed their orders for this pen, so they all should be ready to ship!

So this makes 4 nice materials that can be had in the Production Line Collier!

By the you notice something interesting when you look at the photo above? If you look closely at the Antique Marble Collier on the right, you'll notice that the color of the Antique Marble is a little darker.

Some of you might remember when we made an announcement about 2 years ago regarding a slight color change to the Collier.   Back then, the manufacturer that we were getting the Antique Marble from changed the color to be just a little bit lighter.  Well, we have good news!  The original darker amber color is now back!  I personally like this darker color a lot more, and I think that most of our fans agree.

So as of now, the Blue Steel and original Antique Marble materials are available in the Collier!

Click here to see the retailers that sell these pens. 


Brian at Edison

Edison Nouveau Seasonal Special Edition!

Hi Pen Fans!

I'm very happy to announce a new material that is being used on the Edison Nouveau Premiere!

This will be the first of a series of Seasonal Special Editions.  You can expect to see a new Special Edition material with the change of each season.  This means that each Special Edition will only be available during the season that we are offering it.  After the season is over and the pens are sold, the pens are sold!

The Goulet's have a complete announcement here on their blog, so I won't bother repeating too much of their announcement.  Be sure to head over there to see the complete announcement, along with a nice video blog with Brian and Rachel explaining the new material and also how the seasonal Special Editions will work.

I will attach a photo below of the 2014 Winter Special Edition, which is very appropriate for this particular season...Black Ice!  Click the links below to learn more about purchasing the pen, and also how the Seasonal Special Editions will work!

Ink Nouveau Announcement
Purchasing Page


Brian at Edison


Edison Nouveau Limited Editon - Buying Period Re-Opened.....

Hi Pen Fans.

(before I get to far, please realize that full details regarding this are over at the Goulet Pen Co Blog.  I'm going to do a quick summary here.)

I wanted to make people aware of an issue that has occured with the Edison Nouveau LE Premiere.

Please remember that the buying period for this LE pen was actually closed about 2-3 weeks ago.

However, the ebonite that we ordered came to us as a much lighter color than the sample that we had previously received.  This sample was the rod that that we made the artist's proof from.

Since we had never bought this ebonite before, we had no idea that the sample piece was actually an anomaly, and we were pretty surprised to find that our larger order consisted of a lighter color of ebonite once we started turning it.  When we order ebonite, we have to accept a certain amount of variability from batch to batch, but this batch was rather different from what we had advertised.

This difference in color means that we need to make everyone aware that the pens cannot be delivered exactly as promised.

So here's what will happen.....

1.  People that ordered this pen and are disapponted in this new color will get full refunds, no problem.

2.  People who didn't like the original color that we promised can now pick up this pen if you like the lighter material.  We realize that it probably wouldn't be fair to not give people a chance to pick up this color if they like it better.

Please realize that the reasons for this decision is not simply an attempt to sell more pens.  In the end, we have two types of customers that we would like to keep happy.  #1 that I mentioned above who dislikes the new color, and #2 that I mentioned above who likes the new color, and would now like to participate.

The Goulets and the Grays thought long and hard on this, and I think that what we came up with is the best solution.

I will attach a photo below of the original and the new color.

But please go over to the Goulet Pen Co Blog for all all details.  There you will see a full explanation with more details, including a video where both Brian Goulet and I explain what's going on in more detail.  You will also see more photos, along with information regarding the new buying period, which will end on Januray 3rd.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments here or at the Goulet blog post linked above.  Or you can contact Goulet Pens or Edison Pens directly. Unexpected things happen to all companies, but we will always be transparent when these happen, and we want to make sure that all of our customers involved are satisfied in the end.


Brian at Edison

Double Ended Pens - An Update

Hi Pen Fans!

About 3 months ago, we announced an interesting double ended pen that a lot of people found to be a pretty unique option. 

I'll post photos below, and you can also read the entire announcement here if you have not already.

At the time of announcing this pen, some people had concerns regarding whether having an extra ink reservoir could lead to ink leaking out the nib, since one nib could be pointing down.  This concern is legitimate, and as a result, at the time of announcing this pen, I was recommending that this pen remains a desk pen, and not an "on-the-go" pen.

Well since then, we've sold plenty of these pens, and we've also been running our own tests.

I'm happy to share that there's no reason to be concerned with this issue anymore than you would any other pen.  I haven't had one owner report back to me with any leaks, spurts, or problems.  I've found the same results with my own personal double ended pen that's been residing on my desk for the last couple of months as a daily user.  I'll attach a photo below showing how I've been storing the pen among my daily users.

(I realize that a lot of you might want to know what my dailys are.  Left to Right....Beaumont Pneumatic, Encore Bulb Filler, Pearl Double Ended, Menlo Pump Filler, Encore 2012 LE AP, Parker Vacumatic, Chilton) 

So the Double Ended Pen has been stored with the nib down for a couple of months now, and has been used extensively with no problem.  When I test for nib weeping, I'll pay attention to whether or not a feed fin is saturated.  If 2-3 fins become saturated, then no big deal, that's what they are designed to do....contain ink burps.  However, this pen has not shown a single fin saturated.  I have also ran a twisted paper towel inside the caps, looking for any traces of ink.  No traces.  I also have customers reporting the same results.  And then I also have customers who are taking the pens to and from work, also with no problems.

So my initial speculation is showing to be true.  The ink reserviors are simply not large enough to have a significant effect on pushing ink out the nib when the nibs are facing down under normal conditions.

Now obviously, I wouldn't recommend putting one of these pens in your shirt pocket and then going for a jog, but I'm not sure that I'd recommend that with any Edison Pen!

I will keep running these tests, and I'll keep asking for owner feedback.  But for now, my recommendation is to use these pens on your desk confidently with the pen laying on it's side, or with a nib down.  If you want to take the pen with you on-the-go, then just use the same common sense that you would with any other fountain pen.  If this recommendation changes over time as we keep getting feedback and doing our own tests, I'll update my recommendation.

As a side note, we have been playing around with other designs as Double Ended Pens.  We successfully made a Morgan double ended, and we are currently playing around with a Beaumont, so if you have interest in a Double Ended pen, it looks like most of our models can be made this way.

If anyone has any questions, please reach out!

Brian at Edison

2013 Limited Edition Edison Nouveau Premiere!

Hi Pen Fans!

It's time to announce a new Limited Edition Pen in collaboration with the Goulet Pen Co!

I will make this announcement brief, as Brian Goulet does a great job of covering this project in the video below, and on his blog post.

Make sure to check out the entire announcement over at Ink Nouveau for all details, but I will highlight some bullet points below.....

1.  The pen will be a Premiere.  It will be made from a fantastic ebonite that the Edison Pen Co has never used in the past.

2.  Pens will be sold through the Goulet Pen Company.  They will not be sold direct through Edison.

3.  There will be a buying period that is open right now.  The buying period will end on November 30th.  No orders will be accepted after this.

4.  Once the buying period is complete, Edison will order materials and begin manufacturing pens.  Of course, this means that there could be a month or two in between when you order your pen and when you receive your pen.  We are shooting for January.

5.  Cost of this pen is $200.

6.  Click here to buy this pen.

This covers a lot of the bullet points.  If you have questions, make sure to read the full announcement over at Goulet Pens, or leave questions in the comments.


Brian at Edison

#5 Italic Nibs are Here!

Hi Pen Fans!

I'm very happy to announce that our #5 1.1mm and 1.4mnm Italic nibs are finally here!

These are steel nibs, and are available in #5 size, which means that they will fit on the Mina, Pearlette, and Encore.

So this makes the full range of Edison Nib offerings as such....

Steel #6 - XF, F, M, B, 1.1mm, 1.5mm Italic.
18k #6 - XF, F, M, B
Steel #5 - XF, F, M, B, 1.1mm, 1.4mm Italic.
18k #5 - XF, F, M, B

These new italic nibs will be available on all Edison Pens.  This includes the Production Line, so you will see these #5 italic nibs being offered from our retailers as well. 

These nibs can be purchased separately and be placed on current Edison Pens.  Cost is $20 for the #5 size, or $25 for the #6 size.  Email me to inquire.

Brian at Edison


A Double-Ended Pen? Why Not?

Hi Pen Fans!

Without a doubt, the best aspect of manufacturing custom pens is that my customers are always coming to me with new ideas for custom creations.  If I only did pens in a production setting, I think that it would be easy to get stuck in creative ruts.

Usually when I create a completely custom pen, I don't bother with making any big announcement, but I think that this one deserves a little recognition for my customers who might appreciate the design.

A client of mine approached me with an idea for a custom double ended pen.  The idea was to have two separate ink reservoirs with two different nibs all in the same pen.  I really liked the idea, but I was worried about whether or not having two decent sized ink reservoirs would make the pen really big and awkward.  After about 3-4 prototypes, we came up with what I think really nailed the design.  See below....

As you can see, the pen will be an Eyedropper filler only.  With the first couple of prototypes, we tried to make it long enough for cartridges, but this extra length definitely made the pen too long.  As is, this pen comes in at a touch over 6" capped.  I didn't want to get much longer than this, so Eyedropper only was the best route.

But with a smaller design like this, how much will ink capacity suffer?  This was my real concern with this design.  It turns out to be no issue at all.  Each reservoir will hold 1.25mL,  In comparison, a converter holds a bit less than .5mL.  So even with these smaller reservoirs, the pen still holds nearly triple the capacity of a converter.  Almost 6 times the capacity if you count both reservoirs.  Not only that, but I could probably customize the interior of the reservoirs to hold even a little bit more.

One might ask about the inherent issue of an Eyedropper burping.  This should be eliminated on this pen.  The phenomenon of ED burping is where an Eyedropper pen will burp a small amount of ink at the very end of a fill, due to a very large ink reservoir.  When the fill gets to the very end of a very large ink reservoir like most eyedroppers, the pen can lose a little vacuum due to the air being compressible and "elastic".  Since these reservoirs are smaller, this should never happen with this pen.

The obvious benefits of this pen (besides the "cool" factor) is that you can have two pens in one.  Two nibs of two different tip sizes, and two different inks if you like.  Also visible ink reservoirs.

Here are photos of the pen next to a standard Pearl for comparison purposes.

As you can see, the pen will be a little longer that the standard Pearl when one cap is removed, but not to the point where it would be unwieldy.

If anyone is interested in a pen of the same design, obviously the transparent ink reservoir can be any color, and the caps/sections can be any material.  And no reason that this needs to be based on the Pearl.  I don't see why this idea couldn't be adapted to any of our designs.

Cost of this design will be $350 with two steel nibs.  $450 with one steel and one 18k nib, and $550 with two 18k nibs.  If you are interested, you can email me to inquire.


Brian at Edison

PLEASE NOTE!  My initial concern of one of the nibs on the pen leaking has been alleviated.  This is no longer a concern.  Please read this blog post for more information.

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