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Useful Videos and a Big SmugMug Update!

Hi Pen Fans!

Highlights from the video...

1.  I have added a new tab on the lower left side of the website called Useful Videos.  I hope that you find them as the title states!

2.  In the last 3-4 months, I've fallen behind on keeping the Smugmug Galleries updated with Signature Line Pens.  I just completed a large update, so if you want to see plenty of new Signature Line pens of all styles, feel free to visit the Galleries!


Brian at Edison


Smugmug Problem, and a Few Quick Updates...

Hi Pen Fans....

Highlights from the video above.

1.  Smugmug searches are only working from the Home Page or Galleries Page.  Due to an indexing problem, we are not able to search within individual galleries right now.

The solution for now....when trying to search within a specific gallery, search from the Home or Galleries page only, but place the name of the Gallery in the search window along with the term that you are searching for.

For example, if you want to find Pearlettes in Ebonite that are currently ready to ship, you will type "Current Pearlette Ebonite" in the search window of the Home Page or Gallery Page.  This will show you Pearlettes in Ebonite that are in Current Inventory. 

If you want to find Blue Glenmonts, type in "Blue Glenmont" from the Main Page or Galleries Page.

You can't do this from the respective individual galleries for now, so work from the Home or Gallery Page.

This issue will hopefully be fixed soon.

2.  New Stealth LE will hopefully be announced next week.

3.  New Production Pen in the next 2-3 weeks barring something unforeseen.


Brian at Edison

Email Change....

Hi Pen Fans.

Just a quick note about an email change that will be happening over time.

Some of you might have been getting emails from me at this address.....

I'm going to make a transition away from this email address, and start using the following email address for all Edison related matters...

So from now on, please do not use the address.  Only use

The address will work for about three more months.  I will not completely abandon this address quite yet.  But around summertime, I'm going to discontinue this address, so please get rid of the address and start using the address.


Brian at Edison

Website Overhaul, Stilwell Update, and Gold Rates....

Hi Pen Fans!

Updates and links below....

If you would like to see the new deck being built, click here.

Keep your ear to the ground on the Sterling Silver Stilwell....

Here's a chart showing current gold rates....this along with the Dollar vs. the Euro is driving a price increase on gold nibbed pens by $25.


Brian at Edison




Email Problems...

Hi Everyone.

Just a quick note regarding my email accounts. 

There have been some problems lately which I think have been fixed.

Bottom line....if you are expecting an email from me, and it's not received by around noon EDT today, Monday, then reach out to me.

I'm usually very fast with emails.  With the exception of weekends, emails are almost always returned within 12 hours, usually much faster.

So if you're expecting an email from me and it hasn't beeen returned today, try might have not been received somehow.

And calling live is always OK, as well.  567.401.2043

Brian at Edison

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