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Some Nice Articles in the Cleveland Plain Dealer!

Hi Pen Fans!

Edison recently had some nice press in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

If you'd like to check out this story, I've linked it below....

Edison Pens in Milan, Ohio Creates Custom Fountain Pens, Big Demand

The Plain Dealer must have really been in a fountain pen kind of mood, as they also published three other great stories regarding fountain pens in general...

Fountain Pen Collector Notes:  Eight Pens to Love, Enoy -- and Use

Fountain Pens are Back, Flashier, and More Functional Than Ever

Fountain Pens: Online Blogs, Retailers, Websites Loaded with Information, Options


Brian at Edison

Behind the Scenes at The Edison Pen Company...

Hi Pen Fans!

I realize that I'm on vacation, but the final cut of a promotional film regarding the Edison Pen Company was just finished, and I couldn't resist getting it published.

Please see below. 

Special thanks to Eric Schneider (producer), Carlos Yasik (filming and editing), and J. Scott Franklin (music).

Within this film you'll see my wonderful wife Andrea, who plays a huge role in the business.  If you've seen us at the pen shows, you would have met her, but she never makes many appearances on the Edison site, so here's Andrea's social media debut!


Brian at Edison

(PS, we're still on vacation, so I'll return all emails around the 29th, and then we'll launch the new filling system right after that!)

The Fountain Pen News.....

A little fun for Fountain Pen Day!  Make sure to watch until the end for some outtakes!

 Thanks to the FPGeeks, Goulets, Andersons, and all others involved.  This was a lot of fun!

Brian at Edison

Edison on Google+

Hi Pen Fans!

I've started the Edison Pen Co's Google+ page. Check it out. Once there's enough people with me in circles, I'd love to do some hangouts! Nib tuning, pen design, pen maintenance, or whatever topics you might want.....

Edison Pen Co Google+ Page

I've done some evening broadcasts on Ustream, but audience participation is with text chat only.  Googe+ Hangouts are very interactive, allowing multiple users to chat with live video.

If you don't know what a Google+ Hangout is, see this...
About Google+ Hangouts


Brian at Edison

Nancy Olson, Ink.

Hi Pen Fans.

Nancy Olson, the editor of Stylus Magazine, recently began a new blog that I've found quite enjoyable.

Click here to view...
Nancy Olson, Ink
...and you will see the other reason for this post.  Nancy put together a nice entry regarding a couple of Edison pens that I recently sent her to evaluate and critique.

You can see her review of two of my pens on her blog, or here is a direct link.

I recommend bookmarking and/or following Nancy's blog.  She's only been blogging since February, but I've found every entry to be a great read, and I always look forward to the next one.


Brian at Edison

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