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Steve Light/Edison Pen Giveaway!

Hi Pen Fans!

Steve Light is a children's author, fountain pen enthusiast, educator, and a great friend of mine.

His books have a special place in our 7-year-old's heart.  Steve Light is a celebrity in our house!

If you would like to learn more about Steve, here are his....

Story Boxes
Wikipedia Article
Amazon Page

Steve is not only well accomplished as an author, but he also does all of his illustrations for his books with fountain pens!

When Steve asked me if I would like to participate in a giveaway to commemorate his latest book, Zephyr Takes Flight, I couldn't resist!

So Steve is currently hosting a giveaway.  The winner will receive a free copy of Zephyr Takes Flight and also an Edison Beaumont in Blue/Gold Checkered Acrylic!

To participate, you can read this thread happening over at the Fountain Pen Network, or you can simply send an email with your preferred tip size along with your mailing address to

On or around October 20th, Steve will randomly choose a winner!

By participating,  your email will be placed on Steve's email list.  However, he will not share your email or spam you, and his email list is used quite sproradically.  If you ever wish to unsubscribe in the future, it's no problem.


Brian at Edison







Edison Pen Giveaway!

Hi Pen Fans!

Those of you who have seen some of my appearances on the FPGeeks Radio Show will already know that I'm a huge fan of Dan and Eric, and everything that they do for the fountain pen community.

You can read a previous blog post here singing the praises for all things FPGeek!  Bottom line, if you haven't checked them out, be sure to.  They have one of the most informational and entertaining sites devoted to fountain pens, no doubt.

So when they asked me to donate an Edison Pen for a giveaway, how could I resist!

Click Here to Enter in the FPGeeks Edison Pen Giveaway!

Thanks Dan and Eric!

Brian at Edison

Group Buy(s)?

Hi Pen Fans!

Well, the LE Pearl Group buy has concluded on our end.  The LE Pearls are waiting on FedEx to arrive today to pick them up.  If you participated in this group buy, you can expect your pen to arrive hopefully this week!

If you'd like to see the entire progression of this project, click here.

Here are all the LE Pearls prior to shipping....

But did someone say Group Buys?

Yep, there is another LE Group Buy going on right now!

The nice guys over at Badger and Blade have commissioned a Limited Edition Herald Grande.

If you are not familiar, Badger and Blade is a forum dedicated to wet-shaving.  Wet-shaving and fountain pens seem to go hand in hand (those guys certainly have me hooked on wetshaving!). 

Badger and Blade does have their own forum dedicated to Fountain Pens called The Nib.  This forum is easily the second largest fountain pen forum on the net, so be sure to check it out.  It's a great resource, and a wonderful forum.  I swear that Badger and Blade is one forum in particular that is completely devoid of trolls and nastiness.  I have never seen such a friendly bunch of people congregate on the net!

You don't need to be a wetshaver to participate in The Nib or The Herald Grande LE, so be sure to head over there and have a look around.  If you happen to get hooked on wetshaving like I did by heading over there, then no harm!

The LE Herald Grande will be in Blue/Black Swirl Ebonite, and will be priced at $175.  That's $100 less than retail.  The buying period will conclude on Wednesday of this week, so there's only a couple of days left.

Click Here to see details if you are interested in participating in this group buy.


Brian at Edison

2012 Pearl LE Group Buy Update...

Hi Pen Fans.

Real quick - if you are participating in the 2012 LE Pearl Group Buy, I've started a "Progress Thread" here....

Progress Thread

The entire process will be documented at the thread above in photos and videos.

So if you want to watch the pens being "born", or if you are curious about the penmaking process, we will be doing a lot of documenting from beginning to end.  You can bookmark this thread to keep up with our progress.


Brian at Edison

Pearl Limited Edition Group Buy...

Hi Pen Fans!

Most of your are aware that there is a Pearl Limited Edition Group Buy going on. 

If you are not aware, then you can visit these threads to get up to speed....

Click Here for the Announcement and Terms Thread

Click Here for the Materials Poll Thread

So to summarize, there is a lot of interest in a Limited Edition Pearl.  We tried to narrow it down to one material, but the votes were so close that we decided to just go ahead and make a Limited Edition Pearl with two materials.

There will be a Pearl in Beige/Black Swirl ebonite for $190....

....or in Cobalt Fleck Acrylic for $170.

So if you are interested in getting a Pearl at a significant discount, you can....

Click Here for the Purchasing Thread


Click Here for the Purchasing Page at the Goulet Pen Company

There will be a purchasing window of only two weeks.  Your last chance to buy either pen will be Sunday, March 25th at Midnight, EST.

Group buys that are run by the Edison Pen Company, and not another organization happen very rarely (this is the first), so if you've ever wanted a Signature Line pen at a significant discount, you have two weeks to decide!


Brian at Edison

Current Inventory Updated, Pearl Group Buy, and Production Collier....

Hi Pen Fans.

Three things to cover within this blog post....

1.  Current Inventory has been updated since the LA Pen Show.  There are around 50 new pens there, including about 12 bulb fillers.  Click here for the gallery.

2.  There is a group buy in progress at the Fountain Pen Network.  The pen will be a clipped Pearl.  If you have ever wanted to get a Pearl at a lower price, go here for details.

3.  The material for the Production Line Collier in Antique Marble is going through a very small change.  The manufacturer slightly changed the color.  See the photo below.

The new version is on the left.  The old version is on the right.

I think that you can see that the difference is very very slight.  There is a little bit less orange.  This difference is so slight, that I hesitated to even announce it, but I felt it was best do do so.

There are no more of the original versions left, so from now on, all of the retailers will be carrying this slightly less orange color.


Brian at Edison

Holiday Sale to Benefit Susan G. Komen!

Hi Pen Fans!

Highlights from the video....

1.  During the month of December, Edison will have a Holiday Sale to benefit Susan G. Komen.

2.  Any pen within Current Inventory will be 10% off.  This will not apply to custom orders.

3.  In addition to this, The Edison Pen Company will donate $10 of every purchase to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

If you have any questions, just let me know.

Happy Holidays!

Brian at Edison


Email Only Specials!

Hi Pen Fans!

(Click here if you cannot see this video)

Highlights from the video....

1.  To receive Email Only Specials, make sure that you subscribe to my blog.  This is done by putting your email into the "Subscribe" field in the upper-right corner of my website....

2.  These specials will go to your Inbox only.  They will not be advertised on my website.

3.  Email Only Specials will be prototypes, pens that have been returned, pens that have been refurbished, pens of a special material where I only have enough to make one, and whatever else I can be creative with to offer my most loyal customers.  Everything offered as an Email Only Special will be completely rebuilt where needed to make sure that the product is "like-new" or "factory refurbished" (you won't be able to tell the difference between Email Only Special pens, and any other pen that I offer).

4.  There will be a discount from typical retail.

5.  Merchandise that is an Email Only Special will be fully supported in the same manner as all "brand new" Edison products.  If you have a problem, I'll take care of you.

6.  You will not get Email Only Specials from an RSS or Blog reader.  You need to be subscribed and receive my website content through email.

7.  After subscribing, make sure to check your Inbox (and Spam folder, just in case) to click the link confirming your email.

8.  I won't share your email, spam you, etc...and you can unsubscribe at anytime.

9.  Expect the first Email Only Special within two weeks (I already have a pretty cool pen in mind).  And from then on, once or twice a month.

Email me with any questions.


Brian at Edison


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