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A Few Urushi Minas Left! Smugmug Issues Fixed!

Hi Pen Fans!

Highlights from the video....

1.  Smugmug issues with searches are resolved.  All of the searches on my Smugmug galleries are back to normal.

As mentioned above, here's the video "Tips on Navigating the Smugmug Galleries".  If you ever felt overwhelmed looking through my galleries, please watch this...

2.  The Urushi Mina's are complete, and there are 4 left!

Here is the video that I mentioned showing how the reticulated pattern is created on the Urushi Minas.  Fascinating!

Here is the completed pen.....

See the Urushi Mina Project Page for all details and more photos...

Email me if you are interested in this pen.

Brian at Edison

Urushi Mina Update! We're at the Home Stretch!

Hi Pen Fans!

Well, the Urushi Mina Project is coming to a close.

We anticipate shipping these pens the week of April 9th!

Before I get ahead of myself, here's a photo update....

But this is only a teaser.  Be sure to visit the Urushi Mina Project Page for the complete update, showing all details and steps.

As stated, these pens will be ready to ship the week of April 9th.

All of these pens will be first come, first serve.  Here's how it will work...

When the pens are ready to ship, we will make a blog announcement to officially open the buying process.  This will be a blog post here on the Edison Pen website.  Final pictures will also be posted at that time.

If you want to make sure that you get this announcement immediately, I recommend that you subscribe to the Edison Pen Co blog.  On the upper-right side of the Edison website, you'll see a box that says "subscribe".  By inserting your email, you'll get all the Edison updates automatically to your inbox.  If you received this announcement via email, then you already subscribe.

The first 10 pens will be ready to ship the week of April 9th.  The second set of 10 pens will be ready to ship approximately a month later, so early/mid May.  But we will accept money on all 20 pens when the buying period officially opens.

Price will be $850 and then $20 domestic shipping.  International shipping will be quoted for each order.  The pen will come with an 18k nib in your choice of F, M, B, or customized to your specifications.

Let us know if there are any questions!

Brian at Edison and Ernest at Hakumin Urushi


Urushi Mina Update!

Hi Pen Fans!

It's time for an update to the Urushi Mina Project.

I gotta say, this stage is one of the absolute coolest techniques that I've ever seen!  I've watched Ernest's video about 5 times already!

At this stage, a urushi mixture is floated on water.  The mixture then jets across the surface of the water and coalesces into a fine reticulated network as the alcohol separates out of the mixture and dissolves into the water.  This looks like a very interesting spider-web.  

The pen parts are then carefully dipped into the mixture, and this "spider web" clings to the pen.  Amazing!

Go to the Mina Urushi Project Page for a full description, or watch the video below....


Brian at Edison and Ernest at Hakumin Urushi

Urushi Heralds are Finished!

Hi Pen Fans!

The Urushi Heralds are finished!!!!

A couple of notes...

1.  The final color was not what we had expected, so price has gone down to $825.

2.  There are still 4 available.  Email me if you are interested.

3.  These pens will be in DC, so take a look at them if you will be there.

4.  Mina Urushi Project will be coming soon.



Brian at Edison

Urushi Herald - At The Home Stretch!

Hi Pen Fans.

The Urushi Herald stage is nearly complete!

The last and final step is sanding and polishing to bring out the colors and an amazing shine.  

Go here to see the latest photos.

Brian at Edison


Urushi Herald Update....24k Gold Application!

Hi Pen Fans.

There is an update to the Herald Urushi Project with photos and video.

We are at the Tsuma-nuri stage, where 24k gold powder is added.

Click here to see the photos and video.


Brian at Edison and Ernest at Hakumin Urushi Kobo

Urushi Current Inventory...

Hi Pen Fans!

Some of you may be unaware, so I wanted to mention that the Limited Edition Urushi Pens are not the only Urushi offerings that Ernest from Hakumin Urushi and I offer.

We do take custom comissions.  If you have interest in customizing a Urushi pen, I encourage your to reach out to Ernest of myself.  But Urushi pens can take a very long time to manufacture, so for those not wanting to wait, there is inventory ready to sell...

The Urushi Current Inventory can be see on the left side of this page, or click here.


Brian at Edison and Ernest at Hakumin Urushi

Urushi Herald the Shibo Urushi Stage...

Hi Pen Fans.

There is a Urushi Herald update...

Click here or the photo below to see the photo and video updates...


Brian at Edison and Ernest at Hakumin Urushi Kobo.



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