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LA Was a Great Show!

Hi Pen Fans!

Well, the LA Pen Show was excellent!

It was great to see lots of our regulars from the West Coast, and to meet some new friends!

Unfortunately, we were literally packed to the absolute maximum when it comes to what we could fly with, which means that I couldn't pack my camera.  However, even if I had the camera with me, I honestly don't think that I would have had much time for photos!  We were awfully busy!

If you are expecting an email from me, I'll do my best to get through all emails today, but there's a sizable amount, so if you don't hear from me today, definitely tomorrow. 

For those of you who would like to see some good photo coverage of what you might have missed at the LA Pen Show, AltecGreen did a great job of documenting the show, and posted his photos here on a thread at FPGeeks.


Brian at Edison


LA Pen Show! Check Out Our Inventory!

Hi Pen Fans!

We'll be heading to the LA Pen Show shortly!  See the video below to take a look at the inventory that we'll be bringing....
(if you can't see the video below, click here)

If you are attending the show, all of the pens above will be there!  If you can't make the show, feel free to email us to inquire about any pens that you might have interest in.

We will be returning on Tuesday of next week, so if I'm slow with emails, you'll know why.


Brian at Edison

A New Material Coming to the Production Line Collier!

Hi Pen Fans!

We are very happy to announce a new material that is is now available in the Production Line Collier!

This new material will be called Blue Steel Acrylic.  It's a very nice deep blue with lots of depth, and a rather subtle swirl.


Since this pen is part of the Production Line, remember that Edison will not sell this pen direct.  The retailers that carry the Production Line will be selling this pen.  You can find these retailers here.  All retailers have placed their orders for this pen, so they all should be ready to ship!

So this makes 4 nice materials that can be had in the Production Line Collier!

By the you notice something interesting when you look at the photo above? If you look closely at the Antique Marble Collier on the right, you'll notice that the color of the Antique Marble is a little darker.

Some of you might remember when we made an announcement about 2 years ago regarding a slight color change to the Collier.   Back then, the manufacturer that we were getting the Antique Marble from changed the color to be just a little bit lighter.  Well, we have good news!  The original darker amber color is now back!  I personally like this darker color a lot more, and I think that most of our fans agree.

So as of now, the Blue Steel and original Antique Marble materials are available in the Collier!

Click here to see the retailers that sell these pens. 


Brian at Edison

Edison Nouveau Seasonal Special Edition!

Hi Pen Fans!

I'm very happy to announce a new material that is being used on the Edison Nouveau Premiere!

This will be the first of a series of Seasonal Special Editions.  You can expect to see a new Special Edition material with the change of each season.  This means that each Special Edition will only be available during the season that we are offering it.  After the season is over and the pens are sold, the pens are sold!

The Goulet's have a complete announcement here on their blog, so I won't bother repeating too much of their announcement.  Be sure to head over there to see the complete announcement, along with a nice video blog with Brian and Rachel explaining the new material and also how the seasonal Special Editions will work.

I will attach a photo below of the 2014 Winter Special Edition, which is very appropriate for this particular season...Black Ice!  Click the links below to learn more about purchasing the pen, and also how the Seasonal Special Editions will work!

Ink Nouveau Announcement
Purchasing Page


Brian at Edison


Another Great Philly Show!

Hi Pen Fans!

We got back from the Philly Pen Show last night, and as usual, it was a ton of fun! 

I am working on emails now, so if you are expecting an email from me, you should have a response from me today.

Photos from the show are in a slideshow below.  If you cannot see this slideshow, click here.


Brian at Edison

Philly Bound!

Hi Pen Fans!

We are getting packed up for the Philly Pen Show today!

Usually, right before pen shows, I manage to get a quick video up showing all of the inventory that we'll be bringing.  Unfortunately, our spare time has been completely dominated with making sure that the Edison Nouveau LE Premiere (go to that link for an update) is finished up and on the way to the Goulets, so I'm afraid that getting a video together will be impossible today, sorry!

So we'll be set up on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Philly Pen Show.  If you've never attended the show, I really recommend it!

If I'm slow with emails, you'll know why.

Hope to see you in Philly!

Brian at Edison



Back in Action!

Hi Pen Fans!

Well, we took a much needed break over the Holidays, and we're back to work today.  We're awfully blessed to have jobs that we really look forward to getting back to after a break!

So if you are expecting an email from me, you'll get it today.

On our plate for 2014 will include a new pen model with another pretty novel filling system.  We will be doing a Production Line Limited Edition at one point, a new material will be going to a Production Line pen, and remember that we'll always do a Signature Line Limited Edition in the late winter/early spring.  If some of you are wondering about a timeline for these new items, I really can't narrow this down, except for the Signature Line LE, which always happens roundabout March.  So stay tuned!  We will always be striving to bring out great new products!

I wanted to say thanks to all of you for a great 2013, and we look forward to an excellent 2014!

Brian at Edison

Wrapping Up For the Holidays!

Hi Pen Fans!

Just a quick note to make everyone aware that we will be wrapping things up today, and will be away from the shop until the New Year.

If you are expecting an email from me, you should hear from me today.  But after that, I'll be trying to stay away from emails to spend time with family.  However, I will take a look at emails from time to time, so if anyone has an urgent issue, I'll probably see it.

Everyone have a great Holiday Season!

Brian at Edison

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