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New From Edison! The Extended Mina “Level”

Posted by on Mar 13 2019

Hi Pen Fans!

We are pleased to introduce a new modification to our Extended Mina called the “Level.”

Extended Mina Level in Lapis Lazuli Flake with Clear Yellow Window

The Extended Mina Level is the result of experimentation with our new translucent materials and a desire to create ways to check ink levels in an Extended Mina without affecting the simple aesthetic of the pen.

In addition to seeing your ink level, the pen is symmetrical when capped. Our employee Jake likes to refer to it as a “palindrome pen.” That’s one of the reasons we used the palindrome “level” as the name! Combined with the fact that it looks like a bubble level and you can check your ink level, it seemed like a no-brainer.

Extended Mina Level in Smeared Rainbow with Translucent Infernus Swirl Window

One cool feature of this pen is that the design only allows clear portions of the converter to be seen. So this makes the pen appear to be like an Eyedropper or perhaps one of our Draw Fillers. It’s kind of an optical illusion. So this feature allows you to discern ink levels in a converter filling pen that doesn’t look like a converter filling pen.

Only the clear portions of the converter are visible, creating an illusion that the pen is an eyedropper filler.

With this perfect symmetry, some people might wonder “how do you know which end is the cap and which end is the barrel?” This actually pretty easy. The barrel side of the ink window will be totally seamless. The cap side of the ink window will have a very small .020″ radius that’s only visible if you know what to look for. See towards the end of our YouTube video above for more on this.

The “Level” version of the Extended Mina will add $50 to the normal cost. There’s a lot of labor involved in building the ink window, epoxying it into place with an overnight cure, and then the additional boring, sanding and polishing that has to happen to make the interior as nice and shiny as the exterior. So with a Steel nib this pen is $275. With an 18k nib, $375.

At the time of publishing, there are almost 30 of these pens all set and ready to ship. Here are those pens in our Current Inventory Gallery

Here is the Main Gallery for the Extended Mina Level.

If you are interested in one of these pens that are ready to ship, email brian@edisonpen.com. If you are interested in creating a custom version, reach out and we can discuss!


Brian and Jake at Edison

LA Pen Show and Quick Facility Tour!

Posted by on Feb 14 2019

Hi Pen Fans!

This weekend is the LA Pen Show! Have a look at the video below to see the pens that we’ll be bringing. If you can’t attend the show and see a pen that you like, feel free to email me to see if it’s still available after the show.

Additionally, it’s been a while since we’ve done some Behind-the-Scenes videos. Below I’ll give a quick tour of our new facility and new machines. I’ll be following up with a much more thorough video showing our processes and applications when things settle down after the show so stay tuned!

Hope to see you in LA!

Brian at Edison

Current Inventory Updated!

Posted by on Jan 30 2019

Hi Pen Fans!

We are in the midst of our preparation for the LA Pen Show, which is fast around the corner. In doing so, we have a lot of new pens in our Current Inventory gallery that are ready to ship with no waiting through or normal backlog, which is currently about 10 weeks.

You can see more here. Or here’s a direct link to the Current Inventory Gallery. Lastly, I will post a slideshow below showing these pens.

We will be making a lot more pens for the LA Pen Show than what you see in the Gallery right now, but I wanted to make our fans aware that this gallery now has a lot of new pens that are waiting for good homes! 🙂

I’ll be posting more updates regarding the LA Pen Show as the date draws closer. We hope to see you there!

Brian at Edison

Happy Holidays From Edison! See you in the New Year!

Posted by on Dec 20 2018

Hi Pen Fans!

We are wrapping up for the year. If you need my attention I will be working on emails after the New Year. I’d truly like to thank all of our fans and customers for supporting us so that we can continue doing what we love!

2018 saw a lot of new things happen here at Edison, mostly being a lot of new machinery. During the Holiday break, I will get some work done on a nice video blog showing our new facility and machines and will publish as soon as I can. So stay tuned!


Brian at Edison

Ohio Pen Show!

Posted by on Nov 02 2018

Hi Pen Fans!

We are packed and ready for a great weekend at the Ohio Pen Show!

We’ve been so busy preparing that I’m afraid that I didn’t have time to put together a video showing what we’ll be bringing, but our inventory is not far off from what we we brought to the Michigan Pen Show a couple of weeks ago. This video will give you a good idea as to the pens that we’ll have with a few exceptions.

We’ll be set up Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We hope to see you there!

Brian at Edison

Michigan Pen Show!

Posted by on Oct 18 2018

Hi Pen Fans!

We will be attending the Michigan Pen Show this weekend!

See the video below for the inventory that we’ll be bringing. There are a lot of pens that we’ve made in some excellent new translucent materials.

If you see a pen in the video that you like but cannot attend the show, feel free to email me to inquire.

Stay tuned, as after the Michigan Pen Show, I’ll put together a blog post featuring these new materials that you see in the video.

Then in two weeks, we hope to see you at The Ohio Pen Show!

Stay tuned!

Brian at Edison

New Beaumonts!

Posted by on Oct 12 2018

Hi Pen Fans!

I’m happy to announce that we have refreshed the Production Line Beaumont with new materials! All three of these materials are based on fan-favorites.

For those of you who like the originals, I see that some of our retailers still have some stocked, but once they are gone, they are gone!

So here are the new materials! (if you cannot see the images below, please click here).

If you are interested in these new materials, all of our retailers should have received their shipments by now. You can follow this link to see all of the retailers carrying this for purchase.


Amber Glass, Twilight Embers, Unicorn

I’ll discuss a little regarding each material.

Amber Glass…

Amber Glass

Amber Glass

Amber Glass is a material that we’ve used in the past, but only in our Signature Line with the exception of a small limited edition from several years ago. Up until now, we’ve called it Flecked Tortoise. This has been a very popular material within our Signature Line, but the material is pretty expensive. For this reason, it never really lent itself to the price structure of the Production Line. However, with our growth in the last 2-3 years, our volume is getting to the point where we can negotiate larger quantities at a better price, making this material a lot more attainable for us in our Production Line.

The material is lightly translucent as you can see by looking at the cap in the top photo. Held up to a stronger light source, you’ll see through this material. It does have some nice pearlization, but the tighter flecked pattern breaks this up. So there is definitely depth, but small “chunks” of depth.


Twilight Embers….

Twilight Embers

Twilight Embers

Twilight Embers has a base color that is dark, but also with some hints of indigo. The swirls are orange and yellow, making a nice contrast. Some of you might recognize this from our custom line when it was called Elderberry Neon.

Of the three materials, Twilight Embers has the most uniform depth and pearlization.

This material has been very popular in our Signature line, and I feel that it’s a welcome addition to our Production Line.





Unicorn has a pretty interesting backstory, and has been awfully popular in the past. The whole thing started about 4 years when we introduced this as a new material at the DC Pen Show. A customer (@faustine2012) loved it, bought it, and said “this looks like Unicorn Barf!” She hash-tagged this on social media, and as a result the name took off and stuck (even though we had always called it Hawaiian). If you look up #unicornbarfpen on Instagram or social media, you’ll see how popular this moniker has been! After this, the pen was used in a successful limited edition, and now we are happy to add it to our Production Line.

While I personally love the name Unicorn Barf, I’m not sure that I want to ask our retailers to put the word “BARF” on their websites! So we shortened it to “Unicorn”. This way, it still has the same panache, and is perhaps inside joke! 🙂

While the slightly outrageous colors speak for themselves, there is also a good amount of depth and pearlization contained within in the blue portions.


So these are the new materials! We are considering adding a 4th to this line over time. Let us know what you think would be a good addition, and we’ll certainly consider it!

CLICK HERE to find a retailer for purchase.


Brian at Edison




Beaumont Materials Being Discontinued, New Materials Coming!

Posted by on Sep 13 2018

Hi Pen Fans!

I wanted to make everyone aware that we will be refreshing the materials used in the Production Line Beaumont in a few weeks.

We have new materials chosen, and are manufacturing them now. I’ll wait to disclose what those new materials will be, but in the meantime if anyone has been sitting on the fence about a Production Line Beaumont in Bordeaux, Black Onyx, Sapphire, or Bedrock Flake, now is the time!

Our inventory closets are completely bare with these original materials, so what’s left at our retailers is it. Just in case you were up in the air regarding these Beaumont materials, they will not be returning to the Production Line.

The new materials should be ready to be announced within four weeks, hopefully around three.

Stay tuned!

Brian at Edison



Beaumont Materials Being Discontinued

New Materials and Lots of Updates Coming Soon….

Posted by on Sep 06 2018

Hi Pen Fans!

Many of you know that we recently invested in all new machinery, replacing what we’ve been using for the last 10 years or so. With this machinery arriving, my time has been dominated with tons of setup and tooling, but mostly programming. Every program for every part for every pen has to be re-written, de-bugged, and proofed. This has truly been a second full time job for the last 2-3 months. We have been doing 50-60 hour weeks, but it’s actually been fun and rewarding since all of these changes are awfully exciting for us!

As a result of being this busy, we’ve admittedly been kind of dark on social media. However, I’m starting to see light at the end of the tunnel and things are coming together. So it’s time to get some announcements out there!

1. We have a LOT of new translucent materials that we’ve never used before. Some of these are just downright stunning. I’m so excited to have them available, especially in the Draw Fillers. Watching the ink slosh around in these pens is just super-cool. If you like translucent materials like I do, you’ll see lots to peruse here. This link shows some of our newest translucent materials, but I’ll be sending an update to showcase all of them soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can see photos below of a few of our new favorites.

2. With this new machinery, I feel that it’s time to raise the curtain again and give an updated “Behind the Scenes” video. We’ve done these in the past, and our fans always love seeing these kinds of videos displaying our processes and equipment. This new video should be very enlightening as we moved to a new and much larger location last year, and this year the new machinery is truly a huge deal for us. So a lot has changed since our previous videos of this type. Expect to see a video tour of our facility and processes in the next few months, as well as some kind of “making-of” video, likely showing how we make our Draw Fillers.

3. This new machinery has already opened up some opportunities within our Production Line, so expect to see an announcement regarding something new in these regards within the next month or so.

4. What’s up for 2019? Well the possibilities for us are a lot wider now, so expect to see more changes, more announcements, and more good stuff as we get settled in!

Below are a few examples of some of our favorites from these new translucent materials.

Stay tuned!

Brian at Edison

Menlo Draw Filler in Light Blue Clear Translucent Swirl


Menlo Draw Filler in Black Clear Translucent Swirl

Back From Vacation, Can’t Make DC This Year! :(

Posted by on Jul 16 2018

Hi Pen Fans.

Just a quick note to make everyone aware that we’re back from vacation and well rested! I’m tackling my mountain of emails now, so if you are expecting a response from me, you’ll receive it today or tomorrow.

But the real reason for the post…this is a difficult decision, but we won’t be able to make the DC Pen Show this year.

Bottom line, a lot of you know that we’ve had new machinery arrive. I’ll try to keep this brief and not too technical, but these new machines don’t simply plug in and make pens! Besides rigging crews, tooling, setup, and a steep learning curve regarding operation, the biggest job is programming. These machines speak a different language than our old machines. So literally every program for every part for every pen has to be rewritten, proofed, tested, and then tweaked for fine tuning. This has proven to be a huge job. Much larger than I had expected. Right now, I’m about 20% done with the re-writing and re-programming process.

So this means that I’ve been doing consistently 10-12 hour days before vacation for about a month, and will continue to do so until I’m finished.

A pen show like DC typically takes 2-3 weeks of preparation in regards to inventory leading up to a very hectic weekend. Then we really don’t get back into our groove until about 1 week after the show.

So it just won’t be feasible this year for us. This is not an easy decision, as we truly enjoy seeing our clients live at the pen shows. Then even though the pen shows are very hectic and busy (especially DC) they are a ton of fun!

Once we are in full operation with the new machines, we’ll get things back to normal here.


Brian at Edison