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The Urushi Herald Project…

Posted by on Dec 06 2010

Hi Pen Fans!

The Edison Pen Company is proud to announce it’s second collaborative project with Ernest Shin, of Hakumin Urushi Kobo.

This new Urushi project will be based on the Herald Pen.

This is coming on the heels of the Pearl Urushi Project, which was a smashing success.

Edison and Hakumin Urushi will create a unique Kara-nuri

version of the Herald.  This will be a Limited Edition of only 20 pens. 

The Urushi Pearl technique was definitely visually active.  This Urushi Herald will be in cooler tones and more subdued, in comparison, using shades of teal blue accented with gold.  See the photos below.

This technique is similar to the one used on the Urushi Pearl Project with the key differences how the mottling is applied and the pigmentation of the lacquer. The base color of this lacquer was produced by carefully choosing a mixture various modern and traditional pigments to produce a lacquer that would not darken excessively while maintaining the same degree of durability and hardness urushi is known for. The different shades seen in the sample were then created by adding small amounts of a tinting pigment to produce lighter tints of the same color which were then applied in subsequent layers to produce an active play of shades. The gold accents used in this technique, is 23.5K gold powder of the same sort used in the Urushi Pearl Project

Here is a photo of the Herald Pen.  Based on this poll at the Fountain Pen Network, this will be a clipless pen.


And here is an example of the Urushi technique that will be used on this pen….

The same as the Pearl Urushi Project, we are taking orders, and then the pens will be constructed.  The process will be documented with photos and video so you want watch your pen being "born".

Please visit the Urushi Herald Project Page for more details, ordering information, as well as progress pictures and videos…


Brian at Edison, and Ernest at Hakumin Urushi

Write Time at 9 and Gift Certificates

Posted by on Nov 29 2010

Hi Pen Fans!

Topics covered in the video blog below are…

1.  I’ll be on Write Time at 9 with Brian Goulet of Goulet Pens and Ink Nouveau.
This will be Tuesday, November 30th, at 9:00 pm EDT.

The webcast will be at this link….

One detail that I forgot to mention in the video blog – Brian and I will be announcing a special Holiday giveaway, so be sure to tune in for more information.

2.  Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates are now available from the Edison Pen Company.
Click this link or watch the video for more details.




Brian at Edison

Happy Thanksgiving, and Some Edison Updates…..

Posted by on Nov 25 2010

Hi Pen Fans!

This update was intended to be a video blog, but we’re at my parent’s place for the Holiday (I can already smell the turkey!) , and I realized that I forgot to bring my video camera!  Oh well.  I’ll give the updates without video….

Pear Tree/Edison Collaboration

The Edison Pen Company and Pear Tree Pens has collaborated to come up with a Limited Edition Pen.

What makes this pen unique is that it will be made from very scarce Sheaffer material.

You can see this pen here.  Please note that the photos are of a prototype.  We then Photoshopped the Sheaffer material into the photo.  This is not the actual product, but it will give you an idea as to the shape.  If everything stays on track, I’ll have the product shipped late next week, so expect to see actual photos the middle of next week.

Brian G and Brian G Teaming Up!

Brian Goulet of Goulet Pens has become a great friend over the last couple years.  I’ve always enjoyed watching his weekly broadcast.  Brian has been kind enough to asked me to join him on his Write Time at 9 Broadcast. 

Click here to read Brian’s announcement. 

This will be Tuesday the 30th, at 9:00 PM, EDT at this link.

Topics to be covered are not finalized, but we will be announcing a Holiday Special Giveaway that both of our companies will participate in, so make sure to tune in to see how you can participate.  We are also up of any suggestions for topics.  Pen design?  Nib tuning?  Steel vs. Gold?  Tune in, and we’ll talk about anything that you would like.

Two New Designs Right Around the Corner!

A Smaller Pen….
We have had a lot requests for smaller pens.  I have a new design than involves a smaller #5 nib.  This pen is designed for smaller hands.  However, I’m about 5’11" with normal sized hands.  Personally, it’s just on the verge of too small for me, but I still like it.  The prototype has quickly become my daily writer.  It fits perfectly into my wife’s hands.  Since this pen uses a smaller #5 nib, the overall section diameter will be smaller than my other pen designs.  So for men with large hands, this might be too small.  But for men with regular sized hands, or for women, this pen should fit the bill very nicely.

There will be two versions.  A short compact version, and a longer standard sized version. 

I also have access to some truly phenomenal #5 Calligraphy Nibs in 1.5mm, 1.9mm, and a WHOPPING 2.3mm size.  If you are a fan of super-wide italic nibs, these are wonderful.

And here’s the kicker – this pen will be significantly less expensive.

If anyone wants to see early prototype photos of this pen, email me.  I am taking pre-orders.

I will be ready to launch this new pen in the next two weeks and also announce the price, so stay tuned!

An Overlay Pen….
I have designed a pretty phenomenal overlay, and employed the help of a good friend to manufacture it, as I don’t have the tools to do this myself.

The result really was phenomenal.  The overlays are off being plated, and they should be in my hands when I return from Thanksgiving.  Trust me folks, this overlay is truly wonderful.

This pen should be ready to announce and launch mid-December.

Happy Thanksgiving!

When I finish this blog post, I’m going to get into lazy mode here at my parents place!  This will involve great food, football, family, and little else!

Every so often I pinch myself when I think that I’m actually making a living from fountain pens! 

My family has a lot to be thankful for, and I would like to recognize my customers!  Without you, I would still be working a job that I hate!  THANKS!

Here’s a recent family photo…after the Toronto Pen Show, we took a couple of days vacation at Niagara Falls…


Happy Thanksgiving!

Brian at Edison

Heading to the NYC Pen Show…

Posted by on Oct 13 2010

Hey Pen Fans!

We’re getting packed up today, and we’ll be heading out tomorrow for the NYC Pen Show.

This pen show is always a great one, so I recommend making the effort to come out if you can. 

For those of you that work in the city on Friday, the show will be open until 7 pm, so you can stop by after work without having to come back into the city on Saturday.

I will have over 100 pens in inventory, including about 20 bulb fillers.

Below is a slideshow showing all of my inventory that will be with me.  If you can’t see this slideshow, go to my SmugMug Current Inventory Page to see the entire set of inventory pens.

I hope to see lots of you there!

Brian at Edison

Improved Rollerballs….With a Special Introductory Price…

Posted by on Oct 02 2010

Hi Pen Fans.

The vast majority of my business without a doubt is fountain pens.  But I do get plenty of orders for rollerballs.

In the past, my rollerball sections have been fine.  They were injected plastic, always black with gold or rhodium trim.  Nothing wrong with this at all.  But here’s what I didn’t like about them….I was not manufacturing them.  I was outsourcing the sections.  When possible, I really like to make sure that I manufacture every part on my pens, with the nib and usually the clip being obvious exceptions.

Well, I recently was able to devote some time to perfecting the manufacturing of my rollerball sections.

When I manufactured these, here’s the changes that I made…

The new rollerball sections are not limited to black.  I can now make a rollerball section to match the material of the pen.  In my opinion, this makes a huge difference in the overall look of the pen.

The section is more slender.  The old rollerball sections were a little thick and clunky.

The rollerball refills are Schmidt 5888’s, and Schmidt 888’s, which have always been my favorite. In mediums, I have Blue, Black, Red, Green, Turquoise, Magenta, Purple, Orange, and Light Green.  In fines, I have Blue and Black.  I’m looking for even more selection.

For those who prefer a ballpoint, I have only a medium point black refill for now.

Below is a photo of a Morgan rollerball in Red/Black ebonite with the new section.

The metal tips can be gold or rhodium to match any material.

I’ll be adding more and more photos to the Rollerball Page very soon, but in the meatime, any of my pens can be customized to become a rollerball, and any material that we can dream up can be used.

I also have rollerball refills of various lengths.  If someone wanted to customize a pen to be shorter, like a pocket pen or a smaller pen for a purse, we can customize in any way.

As a special introductory price, I’m going to sell these through the month of October for $175. 

Then beginning in November, price will go to $200.  These prices are the same for any model of pen that you might be interested in.

Additionally, I had someone ask a good question…These rollerball sections will fit into my fountain pen bodies.  So if you wanted to buy a fountain pen that would have an extra rollerball section, this is no problem.  I haven’t determined the exact price of the rollerball section only, but I will soon.

Please email me if you are interested.


Brian at Edison




Survey Results – Report Back and a Thank You!

Posted by on Sep 23 2010

Hi Pen Fans.

I have the results of the recent survey.  In all honesty, I had no idea how beneficial this would be for myself and my business.  There were many items that I learned from doing this.  This survey will greatly benefit me in bringing my customers what they like. 

BIG THANKS to all of you for participating!  I had tons of responses, and they were all taken seriously.  All of you obviously put some thought into this.  This is exactly what I needed to get a view of my business from outside my bubble.

I would like to address some items that came up, give some general updates, and outline some changes that will or have occurred as a result..

There will be 6 items to cover….


The biggest item that I received feedback upon is that it’s not easy to find custom materials.  I have been hosting everything on FlickR, and some people find this difficult. 

I’m going to give some consideration as to whether I continue to use FlickR to host my photos.  In the meantime, I’ll give some strategies that I think some people are not aware of that make FlickR much easier to navigate.

     A.  I realize that there are lot of photos on FlickR.  When you go to my main Flickr page here, look in the upper-right hand side of the page.  You will see a search field that says "Search Edisonpenco’s Photostream"  by typing in "ebonite", you will see every pen in my photostream that is made of ebonite.  If you type in "green" you will see every pen that has green in the title.  If you type in "celluloid" you will see every pen that is made from celluloid.  You get the idea.  By using this search field, you can go to the FlickR site with any composition, color, or any restriction at all, and narrow things down to your particular tastes.

     B.  You do not need to sit on my website and wait on a slideshow to see my material choices.  Actually, leaving my site and going to FlickR is best.  You can visit this link to see all models of my pens.  From there, you will see thumbnails.  And then every photo has a description so that you can tell what the material is.

These tips will be copied to the website pages, as well. 

As stated, I will also consider other options for photo hosting.


The responses about continuing higher end pens, as well as offering lower end production pens were split evenly.  Some people were very negative about going with a lower end production model.  They felt that I should only go higher and higher.  Then some people were the exact opposite.

Here’s what will happen….

The high end line will continue with Ernest at Hakumin Urushi as Limited Editions, and also custom one-off’s.  There will also be some other high end offerings that will be announced later.  However, I will also begin to offer a production pen.  It will probably be made in only three materials, and will be less expensive.  No customization.  There will also be a better rollerball option that will be priced lower. 

The biggest concern that people had, however, is stretching myself too far…focus on one or the other, or something will suffer.  I will have no problem doing both, and also keeping the same customer service and product quality.  The production pens are easier to make, since it’s the same materials, and I can operate it like an assembly line.  It’s easier and faster to make 20 identical pens in production style than it is to make only 5 completely custom pens.  I’m not changing the quality of product in any way on the production pens.  It’s simply much faster to line up each operation and do them repeatedly.  Once the lathe is set up to make one type of finial, for example, I can make lots quickly.  With a custom pen, I need to do a completely different set up for each part, which consumes a lot of time.  Lastly, my 5 year-old is in pre-school three days a week now, so my wife has a lot more time to help me with administrative work, shipping, and other production needs.


I’m taking this very seriously.  I will continue my holiday raffle of a free pen, but I will also consider holiday specials, and also summer specials.


A lot of people appreciate the Grande models of the Herald and Huron, but obviously this is going in the opposite direction of people who want smaller pens.  There is a smaller pen in the works.  It will use a #5 nib.  The exact time to market is yet to be determined.


I had a lot of comments to have some overlay options.  I’m actually already at the prototype stage on a phenomenal overlay pen.  Keep you ear to the ground.  This should be out within a month, I hope.


People that made these comments probably haven’t ordered a pen for a while.  About 6-9 months ago, I found some nice leatherette boxes for shipping pens.  Since then, I recently had some pretty phenomenal presentation boxes arrive, which you can see here…..


One comment based on the survery results….If you aren’t happy with your pen for whatever reason, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!  The finer qualities of fountain pens are very user-defined and individual.  It’s impossilble to manufacture a pen that will appeal to all.  If your nib isn’t what you expected, LET ME KNOW!  I’ll take care of it.

To conclude, I would like to again thank everyone for participating in the survey.  Everyone took it seriously, and this really helps me to make the right moves with Edison.  I really like to be in touch with my clients, and this really helped a lot. Maybe I’ll do one of these surveys annually to serve as an "Edison Check-Up".


Brian at Edison


I Could Use Your Help, Please…

Posted by on Sep 17 2010

Hi Pen Fans.

In an effort to bring the products and service that my clients want, I’ve created a very short survey.

Personally, I’m not always a fan of online surveys, so I have made this very short, to the point, and user-friendly. 

This survey should only take a couple of minutes.

If you could please fill this out, this will help immensely as I decide what directions my business will take as well what offerings to continue or discontinue.

Truly, this will help me to bring you better and better products, so please take a couple of minutes to help me out.

Click the link below to take the survey.


Many thanks.

Brian at Edison