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DC was a Great Show, but came with a Hitch….

Posted by on Aug 10 2009

Hi Pen Fans!

The DC show was quite successful, certainly one of the best shows that I’ve ever been to. 

I had an outstanding time, but a hitch came along with it.

My wife had some abdominal pain throughout the entire show, which culminated in us leaving earlier than what we wanted to on Sunday.

After a long drive home and an ER visit late last night, we found that she needs to have her gall bladder taken out.

She will have a consult with a surgeon tomorrow morning, most likely going into surgery the same day.

Since the Edison Pen Co. is a one-man-show, I need to ask my clients to please be flexible with timelines and communication as a result.

I’m sure that my responsibilities as a husband and father will need to spill into my penmaking responsibilities in the next week or two.  We have family that can help with our four-year-old, but I’m sure that I’m still going to be taken out of the shop some and will be slowed down.

So I will be working in my studio as much as I can this and next week, but I have no idea at what rate.

Please bear with me through this event, as my productivity with pens and communication might be a little slower.

So far, it seems like this should be a routine procedure, but prayers are still appreciated.

Many thanks. 

Brian Gray
Edison Pens

DC Bound!

Posted by on Aug 03 2009

Hi Pen Fans!

I will be attending the DC Pen Show this coming weekend.

I will have my entire inventory, along with examples of materials.  I will bring my nib adjusting tools as well.

Also – I will have two pens that will be going to a charity auction right after the pen show when I return home.

The auction will be hosted on a website and will benefit Cherished Creations.

These two pens are very special, and both are like no other pen that I’ve done in the past.  They both turned out very nice, and I’m super-proud of them!

If you miss the show, stay tuned to the website, as the pens will make an appearance here after the show!

I hope to meet more of my clients live in DC!

Brian at Edison

Introducing the Huron….

Posted by on Jul 22 2009

Hi Pen Fans!

I’m proud to introduce my newest model, The Huron.

I’d like to discuss a little about its design.

On most of my pens, the design calls for a step from the barrel to the barrel threads.  A good example of this is the Pearl.  The Pearl has a dramatic step from barrel to barrel threads.  It is an integral part of the design.

Some customers have told me that they would prefer that this step was not present on their pens.  With this in mind, I have designed the Huron.

The transition from the barrel, to the barrel threads, to the section is smooth and seamless.  The section is also longer and less dramatic in it’s curve.  The clip sits a little lower with a larger finial.  All of this leads to a pretty slender and elegant design, similar to early American pens.

When prototyping this pen, I was seriously torn between two clips. 

I did some market research by sending pictures to friends, collecting opinions on the webcam, and posing this clip dilemma to people whose opinion I trusted.

The opinions were so extremely polarized, that I was only further perplexed.

I started thinking…"I’m a custom penmaker, right?  Why not offer them both?"

So with this pen, the customer will have a choice of two clips.  There is a segmented clip, as well as a straight clip, as show below.


Both of these clips are available as rhodium or gold plated, however…the straight clip with gold plating will not be here for another couple of weeks, as they need to be plated.

Obviously, the pen is available in the materials shown on the Huron Main Page, but any custom material that you and I can dream up is available.

Please go here for more details.


Brian at Edison

Sneak Peek at a New Prototype…

Posted by on Jul 04 2009

Hi Pen Fans!

This is a quick look at a new prototype.

Most of my pens have a step going from the barrel to section threads. 

Some people have told me that they would prefer a smooth transition from barrel, to threads, to section.

This pen has accomplished this, along with a thinner barrel than my typical pens, making for a pretty elegant design.

I am still making some clip decisions, but this is a a good idea as to how this pen will look.

Email me if interested in this pen, but I anticipate an official launch in the next couple of weeks.

Also, since this is a prototype, I’ll be happy to hear critiques!  Nothing is finalized yet.

Brian at Edison



Posted by on May 04 2009

Hi Pen Fans!

Chicago was a a blast.  I had a chance to meet more of my clients, shake hands, and sell some pens!

I’ll be on a much needed vacation this week, returning to the lathe on Monday the 11th.

I’ll be camping with my family, so internet access is doubtful.  If I don’t return emails, then you’ll know why.

The piston filler is now at the stage of a working prototype and is ready for production.

I anticipate to make an official announcement on the 11th, and then I’ll be shipping orders late May.

Take care.

Brian at Edison

Chicago, Piston Filler, and (whew….vacation….)

Posted by on Apr 24 2009

Hi Pen Fans.

Next week, I will be attending the Chicago Pen Show.

I’ll have my full inventory there, along with at least a prototype, if not a complete version for the new piston fIller.

Speaking of, the piston filler is scheduled to be in full production after May 11th. 

And lastly, I’m taking a much needed vacation the week of May 4th.

More updates to come.  If I’m not great with emails this coming week, you’ll know why.

Brian at Edison

Two Tone and Rhodium 18k Nibs…

Posted by on Mar 22 2009

Hi Pen Fans.

I recently received my new shipment of 18k gold nibs.  This includes two tone and rhodium nibs, in addition to my gold nibs.

The gold and rhodium nibs are available in Fine, Medium and Broad.

Currently, the two tone nibs are only avaibable in Fine, but I’ll be getting Mediums and Broads in a couple of months.

Coming soon – Sailor Ink and Piston Fillers!


Brian at Edison

What a show in LA!

Posted by on Feb 18 2009

In spite of the redeye home, the show in LA was phenomenal!

Aaron at Pentiques took a lot of videos, and trust me, they are worth watching.

Click here to see Aaron’s videos.

Outside of what you see here I had some fanastic evenings.  Bruno CorsinI showed me a new technique on how to approach my internal threading.

I also spent about three hours having drinks and talking pens with Paul Rossi.  He critiqued my work, and gave some VERY valuable information.  Super-nice guy.

Brian at Edison

LA Bound!

Posted by on Feb 09 2009

Hi Pen Fans.

I’ll be heading to the LA Pen Show this week.

I will be set up sometime after lunch on Thursday, and I’ll be displaying until the end of the day on Sunday.  Then Monday will be a much needed vacation day!

This is one of the biggest pen shows in the US.  I heard that there will be 170 tables!

I’ll have my entire inventory there…the Tuxedo Series, the #76 (bulb, CC, and eyedropper), the Pearl, the Herald, and Glenmont.

I’m looking forward to meeting more of my clients live!

Take care,

Brian at Edison