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Two Tone and Rhodium 18k Nibs…

Posted by on Mar 22 2009

Hi Pen Fans.

I recently received my new shipment of 18k gold nibs.  This includes two tone and rhodium nibs, in addition to my gold nibs.

The gold and rhodium nibs are available in Fine, Medium and Broad.

Currently, the two tone nibs are only avaibable in Fine, but I’ll be getting Mediums and Broads in a couple of months.

Coming soon – Sailor Ink and Piston Fillers!


Brian at Edison

What a show in LA!

Posted by on Feb 18 2009

In spite of the redeye home, the show in LA was phenomenal!

Aaron at Pentiques took a lot of videos, and trust me, they are worth watching.

Click here to see Aaron’s videos.

Outside of what you see here I had some fanastic evenings.  Bruno CorsinI showed me a new technique on how to approach my internal threading.

I also spent about three hours having drinks and talking pens with Paul Rossi.  He critiqued my work, and gave some VERY valuable information.  Super-nice guy.

Brian at Edison

LA Bound!

Posted by on Feb 09 2009

Hi Pen Fans.

I’ll be heading to the LA Pen Show this week.

I will be set up sometime after lunch on Thursday, and I’ll be displaying until the end of the day on Sunday.  Then Monday will be a much needed vacation day!

This is one of the biggest pen shows in the US.  I heard that there will be 170 tables!

I’ll have my entire inventory there…the Tuxedo Series, the #76 (bulb, CC, and eyedropper), the Pearl, the Herald, and Glenmont.

I’m looking forward to meeting more of my clients live!

Take care,

Brian at Edison



The New #76 in Three Versions, The Tuxedo Series, and More…

Posted by on Jan 27 2009

Hi Pen Fans!

I’ve been awfully busy lately.  There are many new items to announce, so I’ll get right to it.


The #76 is my newest model.

This will be available in three versions.

The Premier Edition, which is a limited edition of six….

Next up is a bulb filler version of the same pen….


And then the standard version…

Please click here to learn more about the #76.


Next up is the Tuxedo Series.

Bruce Boone is an independent artisan ring maker.  He’s been a good friend of mine for quite a while, and we decided to collaborate our talents to offer a pen/ring set.  Click here to see more of his work.  His line of rings are quite impressive.

What we came up with is an ebonite Herald Pen with a matching ring made of titanium with an ebonite inlay.

This set will be a limited edition of Twenty.



Next up….with some tutulage from David Broadwell, I’ve begun to add releif carvings to my pens.

Here is a Pearl with an Oak Leaf carved into the body.  All done by hand.

The leaf is infilled with an antique bronze enamel.  Expect to see more carvings.  Some will not be infilled, and some will be with an antique silver enamel.

Click here to see more regarding the carved Pearl.


And lastly….(phew!)…

There are some new materials on the Pearl and Herald pages.

Philly was a successful show.  It was great to meet more clients live.  I hope to see more of you in LA!

Brian at Edison

Heading to Philly, and New Designs Coming Very Soon…

Posted by on Jan 18 2009

Hi Pen Fans.

First off, I’m heading to Philly on Thursday for the pen show. 

I’ll be at the show all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I hope to meet some of you live.

Also…at the show, I will have some new things with me.

There will be two new models.  The #76 and the Tuxedo Series Limited Edition.

The #76 will be in three editions.  The Standard Edition, the Premier Limited Edition, and a Bulb Filler Edition.

The Tuxedo Series will be a limited edition ring/pen combo.  This will consist of a Herald pen in black ebonite with a matching titanium ring that will have an ebonite inlay.

As soon as I get back from the Philly Show, I’ll officially announce these new models.

Stay tuned!

Brian at Edison

Happy Holidays From Edison!

Posted by on Dec 24 2008

Hi Pen Fans!

I wanted to put out a blog entry for a couple of reasons.

My shop is almost completed.  See here.

Some pen orders in December have been delayed, and those who are effected by this have been made aware.  This shop project has been the whole reason for the delays, and I’d like to thank my clients who have waited on their pens.

My contractor is nice enough to let me work along with him, so every hour that I spend doing my own wiring, insulation, drywall, etc saves me a very significant amount of money.

So my days have been finishing up the shop, and my nights have been keeping up on pen orders, and weekends have been the same.

Now that Christmas is here, I’m going to give myself a break from both the shop and pens until Monday.

Then Monday the ceiling gets textured, walls get painted, and it’s time to move in my tools.

So this means that I will be completely operational in the new shop the first week of January, if all goes well.

Once my shop is complete, I will be back to my quick turnaround time of a week on pens.


The second reason for the entry is to give some previews of what is to come soon in ’09.

Two new designs.  The first will launch in January, the second probably late January or February.

The Edison Inaugural Pen (I’m not sure if that’s really what I’ll call it, but it will be a limited edition pen to commemorate The Edison Pen Company’s genesis, and recent success).  I have some phenomenal ebonite for this pen….you’ll have to wait to see it!

A new design involving a bulb filler.  I’m very excited about this.  Unless I’m mistaken, I’ll be the only modern pen manufacturer who will offer a bulb filler.  The bulb will reveal by removing a near-seamless blind cap.

And there are some other things up my sleeve, as well!

The third reason for the email was to simply say Happy Holidays, and Blessings to all!

This year started off as a real tough one that only got worse as the months went by, due to a job that I learned to hate more and more, which came to a climax in August when I was laid off.

I thought that my little pen business would simply keep me off of unemployment until I found another job that I hated!

Instead, now that I’ve been able to focus on pens full-time, my little business has been quite successful, and I’ve never been happier.

It’s people who support craftsman like me that make it possible to support my family doing what I love to do, and I’d like to thank each of you for your business.

So a real dismal year turned out to end in a fashion that I would have NEVER predicted.  Stress free, with a job I love!

I’ve attached some recent pics of myself, Andrea, and Andrew.

Happy Holidays and Blessings!

Brian at Edison

(..andrew is wearing what he calls his "penmaker’s hat".  It’s his hat with the Edison Logo…)




The New Glenmont is Here…

Posted by on Dec 08 2008

Hi Pen Fans.

I have received comments on how to improve the Glenmont, and have taken them seriously.

As you can see, the pen has gone through some changes.

The barrel trim ring has been eliminated. 

The black cap centerband has been eliminated.

The cap will now post.

The pen can now be filled as an eyedropper or cartridge/converter.

The pen has also become much lighter.

Lastly, I found a new clip for the pen.


Fow now, the pen is only available in the solid acrylic colors shown above.

I will have inventory of this pen in various ebonites, and other acrylics in January.

Click here for more information.


Brian at Edison 

Heading to Columbus, and Engravings…

Posted by on Nov 04 2008

Hi Pen Fans.

I’m very excited to be attending the Columbus Pen Show this weekend.

I will have the new Tuxedo Series, the newly designed Glenmont, along with all of my other pen models there.

I hope to meet more of my clients live.

Also, there is a new development at Edison.

Every pen will now be engraved with my maker’s mark. 

All of the engravings are very subtle, and do not detract your eye from the overall pen.

If anyone who currently owns an Edison Pen would like have their pen engraved, I’ll be happy to help out.

Simply send the pen my way, along with $7 to cover my return shipping, and I’ll be happy to take care of it.


Brian at Edison

Introducing the Edison Pen Co 18k Gold Nib…

Posted by on Oct 30 2008

Hi Pen Fans!

I’m very excited to introduce the Edison Pen Co. 18k Gold nib.

This nib is German made, and available in Fine, Medium, and Broad.

I will be discontinuing the 14k Bock nibs and Bexley nibs, as this nib is of equal quality.  However, I still have some Bexleys and Bocks in inventory.  If you are interested in these nibs, email me to inquire.

You can click here to learn more about the Edison 18k nib.


Brian at Edison