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The New Glenmont is Here…

Posted by on Dec 08 2008

Hi Pen Fans.

I have received comments on how to improve the Glenmont, and have taken them seriously.

As you can see, the pen has gone through some changes.

The barrel trim ring has been eliminated. 

The black cap centerband has been eliminated.

The cap will now post.

The pen can now be filled as an eyedropper or cartridge/converter.

The pen has also become much lighter.

Lastly, I found a new clip for the pen.


Fow now, the pen is only available in the solid acrylic colors shown above.

I will have inventory of this pen in various ebonites, and other acrylics in January.

Click here for more information.


Brian at Edison 

Heading to Columbus, and Engravings…

Posted by on Nov 04 2008

Hi Pen Fans.

I’m very excited to be attending the Columbus Pen Show this weekend.

I will have the new Tuxedo Series, the newly designed Glenmont, along with all of my other pen models there.

I hope to meet more of my clients live.

Also, there is a new development at Edison.

Every pen will now be engraved with my maker’s mark. 

All of the engravings are very subtle, and do not detract your eye from the overall pen.

If anyone who currently owns an Edison Pen would like have their pen engraved, I’ll be happy to help out.

Simply send the pen my way, along with $7 to cover my return shipping, and I’ll be happy to take care of it.


Brian at Edison

Introducing the Edison Pen Co 18k Gold Nib…

Posted by on Oct 30 2008

Hi Pen Fans!

I’m very excited to introduce the Edison Pen Co. 18k Gold nib.

This nib is German made, and available in Fine, Medium, and Broad.

I will be discontinuing the 14k Bock nibs and Bexley nibs, as this nib is of equal quality.  However, I still have some Bexleys and Bocks in inventory.  If you are interested in these nibs, email me to inquire.

You can click here to learn more about the Edison 18k nib.


Brian at Edison

The Pearl…

Posted by on Oct 12 2008

The Pearl is the newest pen from Edison.

It is a cartridge/converter filler, but it could be made into an eyedropper.

There are options to choose from with this pen….

Ink window, blind cap with an ink window, and there will be a clip option very soon.

The pricing structure breaks down like this….

$225 – baseline pen with standard steel nib
$50 – add ink window
$30 – add blind cap with ink window
$30 – add clip

Click Here to learn more about this pen.

Brian at Edison


Toronto….and on the way, The Pearl…

Posted by on Oct 06 2008

Hey Pen Fans!

I will be attending the Toronto pen show this weekend.

I hope to see some of you there, specifically some members of the London Pen Club.  I have traded emails with some members, and I look forward to meeting some folks live.

I will give a preview of a new model pen that will be emerging very soon.  This pen will be called "The Pearl".

Within a week, I’ll make an official announcement, but for now, take a peek at what will come.

This pen will have options for TWO ink windows.  One below the section, and one within a blind cap that has been bored out to reveal the ink. 

Stay tuned…I’ll make the announcement soon…


Brian at Edison

Back From NY…

Posted by on Sep 23 2008

Well, the New York/New Jersey show was quite successful for me.

I got a chance to finally meet some of my clients live, shake some hands, and network with a lot of the pen community.

My next show will be Columbus in November, so I hope to meet more folks there.

In the meantime, myself, my wife, and my three-year old are taking a much needed vacation.

I’ll be back in the shop on Monday.

Brian at Edison

Headed to New York…

Posted by on Sep 14 2008

Hey Pen Fans!

I’m heading to the New York City Pen Show this coming weekend.

Aaron from Pentiques is not too far from me, and he’s kind enough to allow me to head east with him. 

I’ll have all of the new Heralds with me, including the new batch of red and black ebonite Heralds, which will be finished up Monday or Tuesday (for those of you waiting on one of these pens, they will ship on Tuesday.  Thanks for your patience!)

I’ll also have a new batch of the Heralds done in some fantastic acrylics.

I hope to finally meet some of my clients live!

Take care,

Brian at Edison

The New Herald Is Here…

Posted by on Aug 25 2008

A lot of you are aware that I’ve been working on redesigning the Herald.

Feedback that I received was that the pen could use the centerband eliminated, as well as the trim ring on the barrel.  Most people also wanted the ability to post the cap.

The other comment that I received is that it would be very nice to have an eyedropper filling system.

Well, I’ve paid attention to my customers requests, and all four of the above changes have been made.


As you can see, the black centerband has been eliminated…


In the photo below, you will notice that I have eliminated the barrel trim ring.


And lastly, you will see that the cap can post…


As far as the filling system goes, the pen is now available as an eyedropper, or as a cartridge/converter.

The new version is also a bit shorter and lighter than the original.  It is 18 grams capped and 10 grams uncapped, wheras the original was 29 grams and 14 grams, respectively.

The only parts of this pen that is not made of ebonite would be the nib, feed, and clip.

My previous version of this pen was $175, and then if you wanted an ebonite section, you would add $30, for a total of $205.

This new version comes standard with an ebonite section, and starts at $190.  So this pen is actually a better pen, at a lesser price.

And good news…anyone who has purchased the original Herald from me will receive 10% off the purchase of the updated Herald.

All that I presently have in inventory is ebonite pens.  Acrylics will be available in about a week or two.

Click here for the Herald Pen Main Page.

Thanks for reading….

Brian at Edison

New Acrylics…

Posted by on May 16 2008

Hi Pen Fans.

What follows are pictures of some new acrylic material that I was recently able to acquire. 

First is a nice array of flecked colors, and then a PERFECT copy of Parker Orange.

Here is the array of flecked acrylics…


From left to right – Red, Black, Green, and Slate.


From left to right – Yellow, Blue, White, Black/White, and Peach.


Below is a great acrylic material.  This is a PERFECT copy of Parker orange.

My supplier of this material literally sent the manufacturer a classic Parker and told him to copy it.

It took the manufacturer two tries, but they got it right.

The pen shown above is a clipless Glenmont.

All of the new materials above are available for any pen design.

Thanks for reading!

Brian at Edison