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All of our pen photos are hosted at SmugMug.  By visiting our SmugMug webpage, you can see thousands of our pens.

Click Here for SmugMug Main Page

You can also watch the slideshows below.

I realize that there are lot of photos on SmugMug.  When you go to my main SmugMug page
here, look in the upper-right hand side of the page.  You will see a search field that says “Search”  by typing in “ebonite”, you will see every pen in my photostream that is made of ebonite.  If you type in “green” you will see every pen that has green in the title.  If you type in “celluloid” you will see every pen that is made from celluloid.  You get the idea.  By using this search field, you can go to the SmugMug site with any composition, color, or any restriction at all, and narrow things down to your particular tastes.

You do not need to sit on my website and wait on a slideshow to see my material choices.  Actually, leaving my site and going to SmugMug is best.  You can visit this link to see all models of my pens.  From there, you will see thumbnails.  And then every photo has a description so that you can tell what the material is.



Brian at Edison