Site Maintenance

A Website Facelift!

Hi Pen Fans!

If you are viewing this blog post on our website, then you’ll be seeing our new look!

If you are not on our site currently, feel free to head on over to and  have a look!

I am very happy with the new appearance, but there’s still some minor formatting issues to take care of, which we’ll be working on over the next few days.  If you see any issues with the website, feel free to let us know, but we should be ironing out all of these small details in the next few days.

As a side note, the 2014 LE Glenmonts are coming together nicely!  I apologize for not having a more recent update, but during the time that we transitioned over to this new appearance, I couldn’t post anything or risk losing the content.  So expect to see a 2014 LE Glenmont update early this week!

Let me know what you think of the new look and have a great day!

Brian at Edison