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Filling Systems

Most pens offerered at the Edison Pen Company are available as Cartridge/Converter pens.  This means that they can be filled with an included international piston converter (as seen below), or an international cartridge.  The same pen can also be converted to an Eyedropper as you can see in this video.

International Converter

Capacity = .7mL
or 5-6mL When Converted to Eyedropper

However, there are more “exotic” filling systems that are also available.  These will be outlined below.

Pump Filler

Capacity = 1.7mL

Pump Fillers are available primarily as the Menlo.  However, we can generally make any pen that we offer into a pump Filler.
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Pneumatic Filler

Capacity = 1.25mL

Pneumatic Fillers are available primarily as the Beaumont.

However, we can also make a Pneumatic Filler from the Huron, Glenmont, and Morgan.
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Bulb Filler

Capacity = 2.5mL

Bulb Fillers are available on any model that we offer with the exception of the Herald.
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