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Production Line

The Edison Pen Company is proud to offer a Made in the USA production line of pens.  There are no customization of these pens, and prices are lower than the Signature Line.  There are no differences in the quality of these pens vs. the Signature Line.  Since we make them assembly-line-style in much larger volume and distribute to retailers across the globe, we can offer these pens at a lower price with the same attention to detail.

Please note that these pens are not sold direct from the Edison Pen Company.  They are only available at the following retailers.  Click on any of the links below to purchase these pens.

USA Retailers

Anderson Pens

Goldspot Luxury Gifts

Goulet Pen Company



Pen Boutique

International Retailers

Wonder Pens (Canada)

La Couronne du Comte (Netherlands)

Nagasawa (Kobe, Japan)

Nagasawa  (Osaka, Japan)

Scribe (Philippines)

The Writing Desk (UK)


The Beaumont
$169 Steel Nib, $299 18k Nib

The Collier
$169 Steel Nib, $299 18k Nib

The Pearlette
$169 Steel Nib, $299 18k Nib