Gift Certificates

Here at the Edison Pen Company, every option can be customized.  So if you like a certain model of pen, but you want it in any material, any color, any pattern, longer, shorter, etc., we can do it.  The nib can also be customized to the writer.  Wetter flow?  Nib feedback?  Smoothness?  Custom ground nib?

Since everything that we do is so highly custom, sometimes it’s difficult for a person to order a pen from our company as a gift for another.  Fountain pens can definitely have an individual appeal.  One person’s favorite pen might be a complete disappointment for someone else.

The Edison Pen Company is Happy to Offer Gift Certificates.

This will allow a client to present a custom Edison Pen as a gift, but also allow the recipient to have complete creative control of the process. The bearer of this certificate will be entitled to a completely customized pen.

When it is time for an invoice, it would be sent to the presenter of the gift so that the recipient is not involved in payment, prices, etc.  The presenter of the gift can also set a price limit, and we can work with the recipient within these limits without sharing price.

Please email if you are interested.