How Things Work Here

Here at the Edison Pen Company, things work a little different than most pen companies.

With the excepton of the Production Line, the vast majority of pens sold at Edison are a custom creation between the client and us.  This means that you can pick your favorite model of pen and then decide your favorite material to have it made from, along with many other possible customizations.

That’s why you won’t find any “Add to Cart” buttons, or any kind of “Cart” here at all for pens.

Every order placed through Edison is typically a series of emails between the client and myself.

So how to you decide upon what the perfect pen will be for you?  Try these steps…

1.  Pick your favorite pen model.  At the top of this website, under “Pens” you’ll see a tab that says “Signature Line”.  These are our current models of custom designs.  Only pay attention to the shape for now.

2.  Pick your favorite material.  This can be done by watching the slideshows on this website, or you can visit our Galleries.  When you visit the galleries, you will see literally thousands of photos.  Each photo will have the material used listed in the caption.

3.  Email us, and we’ll narrow down whatever details are left.

Also – I realize that it can be a little daunting to go through thousands of photos to find your favorite material.  But you can make this a lot easier by checking out some tips for navigating these photos by watching THIS VIDEO.

Brian at Edison