Customized Fountain Nibs

Nib Customizations

The Edison Pen Company is proud to offer nib customizations with Signature Line orders.

This service is only for Edison Pens.  We do not offer these services for pens made by other manufacturers.

When it comes to Italic Nibs such as Stubs, Cursive Italics, and Crisp Italics, these customizations are done in-house at a cost of $45.

When it comes to nibs that are smaller than Extra Fine (XXF, XXXF,), these are done at a cost of $55.

For 14k nibs with added flex, we employ the help of Richard Binder.  Please see the video below for more information on fully flexible nibs altered by Richard.

More information on 14k Flexible nibs can be found here.

Pricing is as follows (this is the cost for the flex alteration only…the cost of the pen including the 14k stock nib is in addition to this cost.)

F or XF – $100
XXF or XXXF – $150

So a typical converter filling pen with the 14k nib is $375.  Then add Richard’s labor for a total of $475-525, (depending upon tip size).

If you want a fully flexible nib equipped on an Edison Pen, contact us.

Please note – as per our agreement with Richard, we cannot sell individual flex nibs. Only equipped on a Signature Line Edison Pen.

If you are interested in customizing a nib in your Signature Line Pen, just about anything is possible.  Please email us.