Dynamic CNC Experience

I’m adding this page to my website to make other machinists aware of my experience with Brad Haugen of Dynamic Machine Resources.

This page is unlisted, as it is not intended for my clients.  Only fellow machinists.

In order to make sure that this does not seem like I have a personal vendetta, or I’m simply trying to bash Dynamic, I will only present facts. I will present both positive and negative.

I ordered a refurbished CMS G27 from Brad Haugen, the proprietor of Dynamic, back in June of ’09.

My funds were wired in full, June of ’09.

The machine was to arrive within 4 weeks as per the contract.

I contacted Brad repeatedly to make sure of the arrival date. I was having a consultant flown in on a non-refundable flight to help get me up and running fast.

After my money was received, Brad nearly disappeared. It turns out that when you call Dynamic Machine Resources, you simply get an answering service. I was wondering why Brad was never in the office. This is why. There is no office.

When I could get ahold of him (which was very rare), I told him about my plans to have a consultant flown in to help get me up and running fast. I absolutely had to have the machine by that date.

Brad told me repeatedly over email, and the rare phone call (me calling him, since I managed to find his cell phone number. He made the mistake of calling me on the cell once, so I had the caller ID) that there would be no problem having the machine on the date that I specified, which was actually about 2 weeks after the 4 week promise (6 weeks total).

Brad flat out lied with each and every communication.

2 weeks prior to the due date, no communication at all. 1 week prior, no communication. This was after he promised the arrival date repeatedly. About 4 days before the day the machine was to arrive, he finally let me know that it would not be there.

I had to eat the cost of a flight, as well as my consultant’s fee, as the consultant could not book another job in time.

At this point, I asked for my money back.  Brad refused.

It turns out that (Brad later admitted) a machine was never even in his possession to begin with, and a machine was never in his possession at the time of his broken promises and lies.

According to Brad himself, Dynamic does not stock refurbished machines. They buy from sources (the same sources that you and I could find), refurbish, and resell. There’s nothing wrong with this, as long as it is disclosed. It was not.  He told me that he had a machine at his facility and that it was ready to ship.

So when did my machine arrive? Late November. Almost 6 months from when I ordered it. 5 months late from the contract.

When it arrived, I had a 1 year warranty on it.

The drive belt was loose and squealing. I tried to contact Brad, and it took 2 weeks. A replacement belt was 4 more weeks to get to me. 6 weeks total.

About 6 months into using the machine, the collet closer bearings were running extremely hot. Hot enough that I could not touch the back of the collet closer on the rear of the machine.

When I contacted Brad about this, he forgot about the 1 year warranty. He was fast to return my call and quoted me almost $1,000 for replacement bearings.

I then reminded him of the warranty, and he again disappeared. I contacted CNCnew.com, and found the bearings for around $400. With more homework, I found the bearings on my own for $200.

Mike Costello with CNCnew.com was good to work with. I told him the entire story. He was sympathetic to my problems, and he understood that I was going to try everything that I could to get Brad to live up to his obligation before I would buy from him.

At this time, my lawyer got involved. Two certified letters, four phone calls, and three months later, I had the bearings. Got them installed, and the lathe is now fine.

The machine is now past the one year warranty, so Brad will never hear from me again.

Throughout this process, I am glad that I discovered Mike Costello with CNCnew.com. He has given me excellent customer service on this machine. Calls are answered or returned the same day. CNCnew.com sells the same refurbished CMS G27’s (I wonder if this is where Brad actually bought my machine). I really wish that I had found them first. They will have my service issues on this machine from now on, and I will buy future machines through them.

Here are the positives….the machine really is excellent. Outside of the bearings and belt, which are acceptable minor issues with a used machine in my opinion (but should have been taken care of immediately), the machine is wonderful. It’s a great small part and/or second op machine. I run a company manufacturing pens, and 99% of my materials are acrylic, so this little brute is perfect. Very accurate, very repeatable.

In the end, I was out the cost of a non-refundable flight and consultant’s fees due to the missed delivery, lawyer’s fees, and I estimate 9 months salary from down time or time with a machine not being present. I won’t disclose approximately how much money this is, but trust me, it’s a lot.

My attorney was willing to do whatever I wish if I wanted to sue Dynamic. He was confident that we would certainly win, but at what cost? And even then, the likelihood of actually collecting my fees and lost income is very slim. So I will most likely be out more legal fees if I do pursue this.

Again – I am not going out of my way to bash Dynamic Machine Resources or to appease a personal vendetta. I’m also not going out of my way to promote CNCnew.com.  I’m only presenting facts.

I’ve gone back and re-read this a couple of times to make sure that this post is not coming off as a personal attack. I believe that it is simply fact, and not slanted.

I feel that this is important for other potential buyers to know.

I’ve talked to other Dynamic clients. I’m not the only one to have this experience or worse. Many people have had identical or worse experiences than me.

If Brad Haugen is reading this, I welcome him to tell his side of the story, or to tell me where I’m factually incorrect.

If anyone would like to talk live with me, or email, feel free.

419-433-2362 – shop

Brian Gray