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The Pearlette

Please note that you are viewing the Signature Line version of the Pearlette.
We also offer the Pearlette as part of our Production Line.
What’s the difference?

You can watch the slideshow below or click here to see the entire set of Pearlette photos in our Galleries. 

Weight in Grams15.5
Capped Length130mm / 5.11”
Posted Length to Nib Tip152mm / 6.00”
Body Length to Nib Tip117mm / 4.60”
Body Diameter13.6mm / .53”
Cap Diameter13.6mm / .535”
Section Diameter at Narrowest8.3mm / .325”
Section Length17.5mm / .685”


Pearlette with Steel Nib$250
Pearlette with 18k Nib$350
Add Draw Filleradd $100

To order this pen, please email your request. We will need to know….
Steel or 18k Nib
Nib Tip Size