Edison Signature Line
vs Production Line

This is a question that occurs enough that it warrants it’s own page to explain the differences.

With our Production Line, pens are made assembly-line-style with no customizations at all.  We can make these a lot faster in large batches, and since we have retailers across the globe selling them, our volume goes way up. This allows a lower price. You can only get these pens from our retailers, not directly from us.

But the Signature Line pens are bought only directly from Edison, and are totally custom.  You can choose filling system, materials, trim, clipless, roll stops, longer, shorter, custom ground nib, etc. There are some limitations, but generally speaking, if you and I can dream it up, we can make it.  Since these pens are made one at a time and create a lot more labor on each pen, they demand a higher price.

There is no difference in quality between our two lines of pens. They all get the same attention and quality control, but one line can be made faster with the same quality.  So if you see a Production Line material that appeals, this is definitely a good way to go. If you want a pen made exactly to your specifications, the Signature Line is the way to go.